Monday, December 30, 2013

A vested interest

This swingy little Jessica Simpson dress is part of their 2013 Holiday Collection...but I can see myself wearing it right through spring!!

The fabric - believe it or not - is a French terry, which makes it really comfortable to wear (like bathrobe comfortable!) and the hybrid camo/leopard print is just so cool; right up my alley in terms of colour and pattern!!

And you've seen this furry vest several times before; it's one of those pieces that seems to go with everything. I needed some extra coziness today...but the textural interest it manages to give any look is always welcome, too :)


Friday, December 27, 2013


Although I certainly have my favourite "go-to" looks - usually something leaning in either a boho or a rockerish direction - I also enjoy putting pieces together in rather more unexpected ways.

My boyfriend jeans, for example. At first, I was going to style them with a moto jacket...but then I remembered this adorable, chocolate brown "fun fur" shrug that was a gift from my mom-in-law; and I thought, why not?!

It was errand day today, so I didn't need to wear anything especially warm just for jumping in and out of the car. Ditto for the shoes...and my husband kindly found a spot of bare pavement to deposit me for this photo shoot, so I wouldn't ruin them in the slush!! :)

And yes...I truly do sometimes "dress it up" like this just for picking up groceries!! Trust me, when you wear scrubs to work every day, you often relish an opportunity to step outside the "expected" box!!


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas, baby!

The very merriest of Christmases to you!!

We are invited to two holiday celebrations today (and another tomorrow!) so of course I needed to rise to the occasion with a special party frock!!

This Free People sparkler was actually my Christmas dinner dress for last year's staff has already survived a soaking in beer (when my dear hubby accidentally knocked his drink into my lap!) and a subsequent run through the washing machine; the fact that it still looks pristine is a compliment to the company, I think!!

I didn't want my jewellery to compete with the embellishments and metallic weave of the dress's fabric, so I kept things minimal with no necklace, and just a simple stack of bracelets. No tights today... since I won't be wearing my shoes indoors, I wanted to show off my pretty holiday pedicure. And the black coat (not the star of today's look, but still worth mentioning!) was perfect for keeping me warm without competing for attention!!

And finally...drum roll, please!! The winner of my "Twelve Posts of Christmas" contest is:  S.D.C. of "Frugal, Fashionable and Forty Something"!! Congratulations; I will be contacting you very soon to get your mailing address!!


Monday, December 23, 2013

Ugly weather...not sweater!

I'm not one of those people that wants or needs a white Christmas; my husband and I spent the holidays at a tropical resort once a few years ago, and it was amazing!!

The problem with snow in Vancouver is that it looks really pretty for about five minutes...and then the rain comes again and turns it all into a big mess. But since we have to deal with it once it's here, I thought I'd make the best out of an "ugly" situation, and wear my very seasonal snowflake sweater!!

I found this angora-soft, black and white version at Le Chateau ages ago; but it has survived numerous closet purges not just because - hey! we all need a Christmas sweater! - but because it has such a flattering fit with the elbow-length sleeves and the V-neck.

And speaking of Christmas...this is it!! The final chapter of my "Twelve Posts of Christmas!!" You will have until noon PST tomorrow (Christmas Eve) to leave me your qualifying comments; I will be announcing the winner of the silver, pearl and peridot bracelet on my Christmas Day post!!  Good luck!!


Friday, December 20, 2013

Hoodie redux

I was feeling the need to do a "casual" day today... which, in my books, doesn't necessarily mean leaving the heels at home!!

These tall Guess boots are actually deceptively comfortable; I'll often reach for them when I know that I'll be spending a lot of time on my feet, or just when I want to be sure - should the necessity arise - that I could!!

"Casual" also doesn't automatically mean that I'm going to be wearing fact, the ease of this T-shirt dress makes it ideal for those times when I don't want to think too much about my look.

But it's really the hoodie that gave me that layer of relaxed coziness that I needed this afternoon; both weather-wise, and mood-wise!!

P.S.  The deadline for my giveaway contest is fast'll be able to leave qualifying comments only until Christmas Eve at noon PST!!


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jingle bell rock!

We had our staff Christmas party this evening!!

Of course, spouses were invited too; and the husband of one of my co-workers said "you look like a rock star!" when we arrived at our venue.  I decided to interpret this as a compliment (despite the current state of some of our musical celebrities!)... and let it inspire today's post title!!

I've done dresses - gowns, even! - for many staff holiday parties, but this time I decided to go with my floral jeans and this fitted, faux-leather peplum top.

Our temperatures have been a bit milder again recently, and since I didn't want to cover up my festive look with a coat, I thought these pieces (together with my black wool shrug) would keep me just warm enough to get me from vehicle to restaurant; which they did.  But was I cold when my husband took these photos?!  Ummm...maybe just a little!!

This feather ring is a brand-new addition to my jewellery collection; I love the way it swoops over my unique!! And my little multicoloured "gemstone"-studded bag was a gift from my mom, who knows the value that an extra touch of sparkle always brings to a look!! Thanks, Mom!!

Please remember my "Twelve Posts of Christmas" contest!!  Leave me a qualifying comment (it needs to refer to a specific part of my look) and you will have a ballot entered to win a sterling silver, pearl, and peridot bracelet!!  Details are on my November 28th blog post.


Monday, December 16, 2013

My wild side

I'm breaking a couple of my personal style "rules" again today...but what the heck!!  Rules are meant to be broken, right?!

The first is this "wild side" graphic on my long-sleeved tee; as I've mentioned before, I don't really like graphics!!  But when I saw this at Jacob a few years ago, I couldn't resist - the colours and the rodeo cowboy image instantly appealed to me.

And secondly??  I HATE socks...and here I am, wearing an "over-the-knee" pair with my black booties!! 

The sock thing might be a bit strange, I'll admit; but anyone who knows me, knows it's true - I refuse to wear socks unless I absolutely have to!!  And this includes the coldest winter days; there are never any socks involved!!  Somehow though, when they cover the knees, they go from being completely unattractive (in my eyes!) to being super cute; so don't be surprised if you see these making an appearance here and there in future blog posts!!

And just a little reminder...time is running out for my "Twelve Posts of Christmas" giveaway!!  Your last chance to leave qualifying comments will be December 24th at noon PST!!

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