Friday, January 31, 2014

French twist

J'adore how this "french girl"-inspired look came together!!

My slouchy, distressed boyfriend jeans were my starting point...and rather than going with a more expected slim-fitting top, I paired them with my Forever 21 striped sweatshirt.  (By the way, I never really understood the appeal of pockets until quite fun are these?!)

Our sunshine meant that my eyes needed a little shielding, so I added a hat (from Le Chateau) instead of sunglasses...I kind of wanted to enjoy the brightness of the day!!

And these shoes!!  They aren't new, but a re-discovered find from my own collection; I have a feeling that you will be seeing them a lot in upcoming posts!!

Alors...I wish you un bon jour, mes amis!!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A blaze(r) of glory!

I'm always saying that I don't like pieces that are too structured or constricting; I don't even own a single white button-down shirt, for goodness sake!!  And yet, here I a blazer!!

Oh, but what a blazer this is!!  Remember the discussion we had last week about impulse purchases??  You are looking at my latest... so not on my list of essentials, but definitely impossible to leave behind!!

I found this L.A.M.B. stunner at originally retailed for a whopping $585 (just a little out of my price range!) but I got it for only $80 on clearance!! Of course, it wasn't just the price that clinched it; I immediately fell for the almost origami-esque styling, the punky tartan fabric, and the faux-leather sleeves and lapels.  And truthfully, it really is quite comfortable to wear!!

This will never be mistaken for a traditional blazer... and that's just the way I like it!!  :)


Monday, January 27, 2014


My little striped number from Guess isn't exactly a sweater dress; more like a knit I kind of needed the extra bit of warmth that this faux-leather vest provided (it's January, after all!!)

I've been absolutely obsessed with pseudo leather pieces lately; if it looks like leather - be it details like contrasting sleeves (my military jacket, for example) or the item in its entirety (my awesome Free People jeans) - I want it!!

Vegan leather, faux leather, pleather.  Whatever you might call a sartorial fabric, it sure has come a long way since the cheap, obviously artificial renditions of years past; better quality pieces even breathe like real leather!!

My vintage-looking, cognac-coloured Sears Nevada vest was a(nother!) little Christmas gift to myself; it's perfect for giving my look that bit of rock-and-roll edge that I adore...and for which this fashion love interest of mine is famous!!

So now I'm curious...are you currently "crushing" on any particular style details of your own??  I want to know what makes your heart go pitter-pat!!


Friday, January 24, 2014

Tone on tone

This sweater from Forever 21 caught my eye right away...from several aisles over!!

And the big bonus when I got it home?? Such a great match with this checkered pencil skirt!! I had jeans in mind for it; but isn't it awesome when you fall in love with a new piece...and it goes with lots of items already in your wardrobe?!

I tried my olive Guess booties with the look first; but because my husband and I were going to the North Shore for the afternoon - lots of walking! - I switched them out for this Steve Madden pair instead. Suddenly, I had a completely different vibe happening...but I liked it!!

How do your shopping experiences usually work out?? Do you a keep a fairly accurate mental inventory of what goes with what, or do you just buy things "on the fly?!"


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chocolate goes with everything!

I can't believe that some people still think brown and black shouldn't be worn together!!

This chocolate-coloured "grandpa" cardigan was the ideal layering piece I needed under my black moto jacket silky purple tee wouldn't have been quite warm enough against our January breezes without it!! And while there was a time when I really didn't like the look of longer layers under short, now I'll often take advantage of this great way to show off the different shades and textures of my outfit.

These black floral jeans you've seen before, but this time I've given them a much more casual spin; and again, paired them with my brown Frye boots instead of the more expected black!!

Lastly, I have to mention this lovely amethyst bracelet!!  It was a gift from Mom for my birthday a few years back...and so pretty with my T-shirt, don't you think?!


Monday, January 20, 2014

Daddy's girl

How do you like my vintage wool turtleneck?!

When I made the big move from Toronto (where I was born) to Vancouver, this was one of the pieces that came with was originally my dad's!!

At first, I was going to contrast it with a summery, white linen skirt; but then I decided I would have some fun with the sweater's seventies heritage and opted for my white flared Levi's instead. No necklace or statement earrings; I kind of liked the minimalist look I had here...very different from my usual aesthetic.

Just before heading out the door, though, I suddenly felt a little too minimalist; so I grabbed this oversized wool scarf for a finishing detail. Thank you, Dad... see, your turtleneck is still in rotation!!


Friday, January 17, 2014


When is a coat not really a coat?? When it's a dress, of course!!

Ever since I first wore this sweater dress (check it out in my "It's all in the sleeves" post!), I've been thinking of how to re-style it as more of an outerwear piece...and here's the result!! My black leggings and tall boots provide sleek contrast against the oversized, textured sleeves of the dress; and even though I liked the look without a belt, I decided to add one for just a little bit more shape.

My leopard-print snood was an afterthought...but I'm so glad I went with it!! It definitely gave everything more of that urban, outdoorsy vibe that I was feeling today!!

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