Friday, February 28, 2014

On the fringes

I really like to mix things up with my off-duty looks...but if I had a "formula," this is about as close as it gets!!

Jeans, tank top, and a big cozy sweater; in my eyes, it's a virtually perfect outfit combination...and it can be re-thought in almost endless ways!!

Today I'm wearing my Big Star bootcut jeans, a basic black cami from H&M, and my absolute favourite blanket cardigan (from Free People!!)  It was a birthday gift from my hubby a few years ago; we spotted it in a boutique when we were shopping together, and I immediately fell head-over-heels for that awesome hippie fringe; after all, it's a little bohemian and a little "rock," all rolled into one...and you know how much that aesthetic appeals to me!!

Okay, so now it's your turn - do you have a go-to "uniform" that never lets you down, even when other inspiration fails?!  Please share!!

And please remember...I'm still away from regular internet access for another few days; but I will be catching up with you soon!!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lace and pearls

I wouldn't normally consider myself to be a "lace and pearls" kind of girl...but then, it's all in the styling, isn't it?!

Faded denim skinnies, and my chunky sweater from Forever 21 (remember seeing it here before?) layered over my lacey, long-sleeved tee; and suddenly my look isn't so much "lady who lunches," but more like "let's grab a bite and a drink at the pub!!"

To be honest, I should have layered a jacket or coat over this look as well...when my husband and I first headed out, the weather felt pretty mild; but by the time we arrived at our destination a nasty wind had kicked up - and man! - was it cold!!  We kept jumping back into the car to warm up between photos!!

I guess I should know better...winter in Vancouver is nothing if not unpredictable!!

And please remember, dear readers - I am visiting internet "no-man's-land" this week, so I can only check in periodically!!


Monday, February 24, 2014

Babydoll in leather

I love this kind of soft, floaty me, it's bohemian at its best!!

Spring is (unfortunately!) still a number of weeks away; so without a moto jacket and tights, my look would have been a little too breezy for this afternoon...but these layers were just enough to keep me comfortable for a short walk in our neighbourhood park!!

Yes, I admit it - I'm the kind of girl who regularly wears heels and a dress or skirt...even when something rather more outdoorsy than shopping is on the agenda!!  When you have pieces that you love, though, it seems a shame to save them for so-called "special occasions" - or even for particular seasons for that matter!!

I wear what I like, when I like...and I don't let the fact that I might appear somewhat "overdressed" for a particular venue stop me; after all, in the words of Tom Ford - "Dressing well is a form of good manners." And that is a statement with which I wholeheartedly agree!!

P.S.  Please remember that I am in Toronto - and away from internet access! - for most of the week, but I will check in when I can.  Today is my mom's birthday, and the reason for my visit...Happy Birthday, Mom!!


Friday, February 21, 2014


Yes, I'm wearing some "winter white" today...but it's not exactly the reason for my choice of title (I'll get to that in a moment!!)

Do you recognize my flared Levis??  I've styled them very differently from their debut here several weeks ago; this look is decidedly more feminine with my flowery vintage coat as a topper, and a cushy-soft Roxy sweater (from Winners) underneath for some extra insulation!!  And my animal-print, pointed-toe flats add a tiny bit of the "edge" that I always seem to crave.

As for Siberia?!  Well, I have some good news and some bad news.  I will be visiting my mom and dad in Toronto next week (yippee!) where there is apparently a ton of snow (darn!)...and unfortunately, no internet access at the house (eeks!!)

I did manage to get three looks lined up for you to - hopefully! - enjoy while I am away; but I will only be able to read and leave comments on a very limited basis until the beginning of March.

I would be so happy if you would leave me a little note or two anyways...and I promise to do my very best to reply - and to return the visits! - if and when I can!! 


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Over and under

Talk about flipping things around...I was originally going to layer my furry vest over my military jacket, but I'm so glad I wore it underneath instead!!

If you are one of my regular readers, you may have noticed that I rarely wear my jackets or coats done up; unless it's truly icy out, I always leave them hanging open - much to my mom's chagrin!!  And it's not just to show off my look!!  I think it has something to do with that constricted, borderline-claustrophobic feeling that I can often get with pieces that aren't very stretchy (the same reason that you almost never catch me in button-front shirts or blouses!!)

Anyway, this vest has the cutest stand-up collar...but you never get to see it, because I never wear it closed; the collar is always folded down!!  So today I had the bright idea of putting it on under my coat, and using the collar as a sort of pseudo scarf!!

I really love how this finished look came together...but what do you think??  Did I make the right choice by wearing the vest this way??


Monday, February 17, 2014

Uptown "Downton"

I'm probably one of the very few that doesn't watch this hit British period drama...but even I thought "Downton Abbey" when I was putting together this look!!

I've been anxious to style my flannel maxi skirt (W118 by Walter Baker - from Winners!) for a while now; but having done a number of skirt-and-sweater outfits lately, I was waiting for a different sort of inspiration to strike.  And strike it did!!

Doesn't my L.A.M.B. jacket look like it was made for this skirt?!  It's a complete turnaround from the rockerish vibe it gave my "A blaze(r) of glory" post...but such a fitting match here as well, both colour- and pattern-wise!!

Can't you just see me riding off into the sunset on a beautiful horse?!  (Side-saddle, of course!!)


Friday, February 14, 2014

I heart sequins!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!

As we have a friend's birthday celebration on the agenda today, I thought a little bit of sparkle would be in order!!

So I chose my eye-catching, sequinned-heart sweater again...but today I've styled it in a completely different way from when you saw it here the last time!!  For this occasion, I decided to really play up the festive nature of the paillettes by wearing the sweater with my fluted, leopard-patterned skirt; after all, what says "party time" better than animal print and glitter?!

My tall, platform boots gave me some extra leg coverage this afternoon (I didn't feel like doing tights; and although the sun made an appearance, it wasn't exactly mild out - note the Starbucks cup as hand warmer!!)

To finish??  My ivory moto-inspired jacket seemed like a natural pair-up with this flirty look; I always love a little edge with my more girlish outfits!!

All right, dear readers, what do you think??  Did I do right for a casual birthday dinner out??

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