Friday, May 30, 2014

Zoe inspired

Love her or not...there's no denying that Rachel Zoe and her signature look have had a huge impact on the personal style of many of today's celebrities (and more ordinary folk, too!!)

Because her looks are frequently very bohemian and seventies-inspired, I'll admit right now that I've been a fan for quite a few years!!  The platform heels, flowy maxis and flared pants that Ms. Zoe wears - and chooses for her clientele - are a goldmine of inspiration for me; and today I decided to channel that vibe with this really striking black and white caftan!!

Yes...this is actually a beach cover-up; but I couldn't resist creating a streetwear-appropriate outfit by adding a fringy belt, and layering it over a pair of faded denim skinnies.  The belt is one of my most recent fabulous finds at Winners; at $80 (regularly priced at $140!), it was still the most money I've ever spent on this particular kind of accessory...

But seriously, isn't it amazing?!  I can't tell you how often I've thought that my belt collection was missing that one special "statement" piece; I'm convinced that I finally found it!!  Yippee!!


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Well heeled

This is the highest heel that I've managed so far since my accident...and I felt on top of the world!!

But - in all honesty - I was just a little bit hesitant, too; it's kind of scary getting back on that horse once you've fallen off!!  Endurance is an issue as well...I used to be able to walk a whole day in shoes even higher than this; right now, though, I can only comfortably manage an hour or two (and even less in these little suede booties, because of the pressure they put on my swollen ankle.)  :(

Does the pattern of this black and white sweatshirt seem familiar to you??  I wore the matching skirt in my "Flower power" post about a month ago; today it was the top's turn to debut!!  I'm sure I'll eventually get around to wearing both pieces together...but for now I wanted to take my faux-leather shorts "out and about" one more time before the weather gets too warm for them (these babies do not breath!!)

I was happy with how this last-minute outfit came together ("last-minute" because we suddenly remembered we had a few errands to take care of!) and even happier that I had some "walking in heels" practice...but running will still have to wait a while.

It's all about baby steps, right?!


Monday, May 26, 2014


I did something today I've never dared before; I took scissors to an old denim dress...and turned it into this sleeveless coat!!

The dress was cute as it was - with long button-tab sleeves - but as my regular readers know by now, I'm always very uncomfortable wearing anything that feels even a little constricted...and a denim shirtdress is definitely not stretchy!!

Of course, I'll still be able to wear it on its own, too (buttoned up, of course!); but this time I wanted to use it as a layering piece to give my simple slip dress a bit more coverage and interest.  It worked well, don't you think?!

Unfortunately, my footwear options continue to be rather limited - a lot of my most favourite pairs won't fit over my DVT-induced swelling - but these Nine West Vintage America boots managed to make the cut; and (as usual!) I liked that bit of added "toughness" they gave to my look.

Have you ever attempted a DIY project with an item from your wardrobe??  Please let me know how it turned out!!


Friday, May 23, 2014


My husband and I celebrated our twelfth wedding anniversary this week - on Monday, to be exact - and every year we go back to visit the little chapel where we were married!!

Often, the Victoria Day long weekend here in Vancouver is quite chilly and rainy...but for the actual day of our wedding, the weather was perfect; and so it was for our walk down memory lane this year!! The park behind the chapel has the most lovely display of rhododendrons...and lots of baby bunnies, too!!

For our special day, of course I had to wear this dress (from H&M) that my sweetheart picked out for me when we last went shopping together!!  Initially I wasn't so sure about his choice...but since he hit it right on the mark with the blouse I wore in my "Listen to the birds" post, I agreed to try it on for him. ;)

Did he do good, or what?!  This look is a very different one for me; but I can't deny that the silhouette is super-flattering...and that incredible poppy colour is just sooo striking!!  Plus, the neoprene fabric is right on trend.

I'm already thinking about how I will style it next!! (Any advice?!)


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Green envy

When my husband suggested that we take photos in this grotto-like setting, I said to him "um...maybe a little too much green?!"

I should know better; there really is no such thing as too much green!!  Of course, I'm talking about the fresh green foliage that signals the arrival of spring... and about all the lovely shades of green that are appearing on store racks for the season!!

This pretty midi-dress from H&M happens to be one of my favourite shades of green!!  It's sort of a combination of sage and moss, and I find it as comfortable as my beloved neutrals, but - hey! - I'm actually wearing something other than black and white!!  ;)

My trusty Aldo booties are back, too; they seem to give everything I pair them with just that little hint of edge that I, they do a good job of hiding my still-swollen ankle.  (This DVT business is getting very tiresome, let me tell you!!)

And since it seems to be a rather hot topic in the blogosphere right now, I though I'd share with you a few other takes on the colour green:

1.  Bella Pummarola:  Tulle Dreams
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Monday, May 19, 2014

Easy does it

When you want to look "dressed" without really needing to make a huge effort, nothing beats the virtually foolproof combination of jeans, fabulous footwear, and a pretty top!

I know that some people swear by "uniform dressing;" not literally - like the hospital scrubs that I wear to work - but with a standard set of pieces that they own in numerous iterations and that can be mixed-and-matched to create similar looks. (Designer Vera Wang is known for this; she pretty much lives in basic black leggings and tunics!)

The appeal of this type of dressing is can look put together without putting a whole lot of time and thought into the process.  For those that work in a more corporate environment, it may be necessary to conform to an established dress code. And sometimes, it can become a part of your identity, too; a "signature" look like that of Ms. Wang.

A lot of us, though, enjoy the vagaries of fashion waaay too much to stick wholly to one particular formula for our outfits; we have our go-to looks (of course!) but we also love throwing a style "curve-ball" every once in a while...or on a regular basis!!

So today I stand before you and declare that I can't imagine living without my jeans and boots...but I also admit that I can't imagine living only in them!!

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