Monday, June 30, 2014

Apron strings

I kind of fell in love with the cute, bandana-inspired fabric of this red and white tank top as soon as I spotted it during a recent shopping excursion (to Winners, of course!)...and when I saw the back of the top, I knew right away that it had to be mine!!

It's always exciting for me to find so-called basic pieces that incorporate a bit of a fashion "twist" honestly - how could I possibly say no to the tank's unique, apron-like styling??  Unfortunately, today I didn't have the opportunity to show it off very much; there was still enough chill in the air that I needed the extra coverage of my comfy denim jacket.  

My military-esque boots also happen to be a great example of a bit of "special" detailing; I've had them for a few years now, but I always forget how much interest they can add to any look!!

Speaking of various pairs will undoubtedly be making regular appearances throughout the summer; they're proving to be a stylishly sneaky way to cover the unattractive side-effects of my DVT.

What about you, dear readers??  Would you consider doing a boot with a summery look...or is it only going to be about the most strappy of sandals this season??


Friday, June 27, 2014

In my bones

Doesn't this maxi-dress have the most interesting - almost organic-looking - striped pattern you've ever seen?!  (Told you I have a "thing" for stripes right now!!)

I wasn't sure at first what it reminded me of...but now that I see the photos, I realize what it is; it looks a little like the skeleton of a fish, don't you think??  But in a really cool, abstract way...not a morbid way!!

How fitting then that I also chose to wear these stylized bird-skull earrings that my husband brought home for me from a recent trip to Vancouver Island!! A friend of his curates a little boutique in Nanaimo called the "Shill Shack" that's a virtual treasure trove of unique and steampunk-inspired clothing, jewellery and other accessories.

The shop is on Etsy, if a little gothic-chic edginess strikes your fancy, make sure you take a moment to visit!!


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Monkey see...monkey do

Not exactly the most flattering analogy, right??  But fashion and style are truly a little like that...we'll see a new silhouette, or fabric treatment, or colour story on someone (or a few someones) and suddenly, we have to have it, too!!

Take this overall/romper combination from American Eagle Outfitters; both were trends that I wasn't going to follow...and yet, here I am!!

The fact that this was essentially a two-for-the-price-of-one piece - which means I'm giving up less closet real estate for what might be a short-lived love affair! - and a steal at only $25...seriously, what did I have to lose?!  Not to mention that it happened to be in my favourite shade of green!!

My soft suede Nine West heels were perfect for elevating the casual feel of the shortalls just a little; and I actually managed a few hours of shopping (including groceries!) while wearing them!!  It's like the training wheels are coming off!!  :D

If nothing else, this hybrid romper will make the perfect cover-up for beach season...but how do you think I did with today's more street-appropriate look, dear readers??  Did the proverbial monkey steer me in the right direction??


Monday, June 23, 2014

My boyfriends

So...I know the trend lately is to have your boyfriend jeans fitting just a little snugger than the way we saw them worn a few seasons ago, but to that I say "what's the point?!"

I have a whole collection of figure-hugging bootcut and skinny denim; I want my boyfriend jeans (these are from Joe Fresh) to look like I genuinely might have borrowed them from a boy...a little oversized and slouchy, in other words!!  But for me, that's where the tomboyish element usually ends; everything else about the look should be more girlish, to help balance out the masculine feel of the jeans.

Notice how I said "usually??"  That's because I think the ultimate footwear to go with boyfriends (the denim variety...but maybe real boyfriends, too!) is a high-heeled pump...and I can't wear mine right now!!  I keep trying, but my swollen foot just won't fit!!

Necessity is the mother of invention, though; so I decided to try the baggy silhouette paired with my block-heeled Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

Definitely more "tomboy" than the norm for me...but kinda cute, don't you think?!


Friday, June 20, 2014

Stripes forever

I don't quite know what it is about stripes lately...but I'm loving them more and more!!

Fellow Vancouver personal style blogger Alison of "Styling My Life" has been showing off her awesome, over-sized striped canvas tote a lot recently; I'd desperately hoped to snag one for myself...but sadly (despite Alison's helpful tip!) I haven't been successful.  :(

So what's a girl to do??  I opted to go for the next best thing - this scrumptiously soft, latte-coloured leather tote that I found at my favourite shopping hang-out (Winners!)...paired with my striped, 3/4-sleeved, drawstring-waisted tee from Joe Fresh!!

I'm not sure how practical a leather tote will end up being for the beach, though...I might still be in the market for a cute washable version if anyone has any suggestions!!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Belly dancing

Yeah, I'm showing my tummy again...but at least you're not looking at my "bum" leg, right?!

I really (really!) didn't think I would love this combo quite so much; enough to actually wear it out and about!!  I was experimenting with different tops for my new H&M striped pencil skirt - searching for something that wouldn't feel "unseasonal" for June - when I grabbed this lacy, white cropped blouse.

Honestly, I didn't remember it being quite this "abbreviated" (the last time I wore it together with a much higher-waisted skirt for my "Sneaky" post) but since my denim jacket was providing some extra coverage, I thought that it would be a look not out of place for an afternoon in the city...I had a hair appointment today, can you tell?!

So the evidence is in, dear readers; and now I'm very curious!!  Do you think my belly-baring look was a success...or did I do a belly "flop?!"

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