Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Somewhere in this personal style diary of mine, I clearly remember stating that I wasn't particularly fond of the "pyjama dressing" trend...well, just look at what I'm wearing today!!

I'd been yearning to create another outfit around these slouchy printed pants for a little while now (remember them from my "Style 3-Play: Denim Jacket Look Two" post?) and as I was experimenting, I surprised myself - in a very pleasant way! - with this blue-on-blue combination!!

My lightweight tunic top has such an easy silhouette that I really didn't think it would work well with the equally relaxed feel of the pants; after all, contrast is usually the name of the game when creating an interesting look, right??

But rules are meant to be broken (in more ways than one, apparently!) and I just kept coming back to this particular pairing...although how would I keep things "street-style chic" and not "sleep-over slovenly??" By adding my brown Nine West heels and some long, layered necklaces to the mix, of course!!

Ta da!!  My very own interpretation of a trend that I thought I didn't like!!  But in the end, dear readers, shouldn't that truly be our ultimate goal?!  After all, that's what turns plain old "fashion" into "style!!"


Monday, July 28, 2014

Pretty in pink

I probably own way more dresses than I really need...especially since I wear scrubs at work!!

Actually, I probably own way more clothes than I need, period!!  But what's a girl to do?!  So many cute little time!!  Maybe I should start doing multiple looks for each of my days off, like in those reality TV shows we've all seen - something flowy and relaxed for the morning; a jeans and boots ensemble for my chai latte fix in the afternoon; and then one of my fancy frocks for dinner (and maybe a movie!) later that evening!!

In reality though, my husband and I lead a very uncomplicated life...we generally plan our weekend activities on the morning of each day (and there are times when our day doesn't even get started until the afternoon!!)

Which means that I will often wear something most women would consider "special occasion" - like this little pink number - for no real occasion at all.  Today I toned things down a notch with my Vintage America boots and a studded belt; but don't be surprised if you see this dress again paired with some fabulous heels (maybe even those from my "Pink shoe casualty" post!)...ready to party it up at the local Starbucks!!


Friday, July 25, 2014

A little bit country

I've mentioned on several occasions that I really don't have an athletic bone in my body (getting dirty and sweaty is so not my idea of fun!)...but going for a long walk is something I've always really enjoyed!!

My husband, on the other hand, has only recently developed an interest in walking as a form of exercise/recreation; right about the time when I broke my foot and couldn't walk, actually!!  Cue Alanis Morissette's "Ironic" song, right?!

But  - thankfully! - it seems like things are slowly but surely improving for me in the mobility department; and since hubby had been wanting to show me this old barn he discovered in one of our local parks, we decided that I would accompany him for an evening stroll...with a photo-op as our ulterior motive!!

Hard to believe that a little rural oasis like this can exist smack-dab in the middle of the city, isn't it?! The barn is fenced off - for safety, I assume - so we couldn't explore it; but with me in this white knit dress (it's from Joe Fresh!) and heeled booties, that probably wouldn't have been such a good idea anyway!! 


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wide load

These palazzo pants are a fashion first for me...and despite my choice of title, I think they are really very flattering!!

And incredibly comfortable, too!!  The fabric is so lightweight and breezy, I imagine that they'd feel bearable on even the hottest days; but since this afternoon was a bit of a "mixed bag" weather-wise (you can see in the photos that it was sunny one moment, then shady the next!) I opted to pair my wide-legged beauties with this perforated, vegan leather tee from Michael Michael Kors.

The less-than-subtle pattern is something else again, isn't it?!  I'm going to go with "sea anemones," which makes these pants just that much more seasonal!! Conventional wisdom tells us to stay away from bold, oversized prints on our lower half - especially if we're not blessed in the height department.  But hey... that's why my fuchsia platform sandals (can you see the smallest hint of them peaking out?) were the perfect footwear match!!  ;)

Truthfully, I like my printed palazzos so much, I'm already looking forward to styling them again!!  Do you have any suggestions for me, dear readers, for my next wide-legged look?!


Monday, July 21, 2014


See that big smile on my face??  Every week or two, I re-try all the shoes that I haven't been able to wear since my accident (and the resulting DVT)...and today, my BGBGeneration pumps actually fit!

Not quite a glass slipper, I know...but I truly couldn't have been more excited if a prince had ridden up to me on his steed and offered me one!!  My doctors tell me that the symptoms (like swelling) will improve and regress for months and possibly even years yet; but at least all does not appear to be lost when it comes to my footwear situation!!

So even though I'm doing a lot of blue for this outfit, I don't feel "blue" in the least; in fact, I couldn't be happier with how my attempt at denim-on-denim turned out!!  It's usually advised to switch up the shade or weight of the fabric to give the look a little more contrast...but I decided that I liked the way my cropped skinny jeans and jacket almost create the look of a suit.  It's certainly the closest I'll probably ever come to wearing one, ha ha!!

Have you tried your own version of multiple denim, dear readers??  Or do you find it too much of a good thing??  Leave me a note and let me know what you think!!

P.S. I have it on good authority (fellow blogger and jewellery designer Wendy Brandes) that giant hoop earrings are on the verge of a you may have noticed, I got a bit of a jump on the trend today!!  ;)


Friday, July 18, 2014

No parking

Not meaning to point any fingers here...but a certain somebody was pretty unhappy about taking pictures in the sun and heat today!!  ;)

In all seriousness though, I know I am a very lucky girl; my husband is an amazingly good sport when it comes to our photo-shoot excursions.  Without his generous help, there'd simply be no way that I could keep up with regular posts to this personal style diary of the biggest "thank you!" goes out to you, sweetheart!!

And I'll really was rather warmish out; perhaps I should have chosen something other than an all-black outfit to wear, but what can I say?!  The heart wants what the heart wants; and today it wanted this slightly tough, a-little-bit-edgy look!!

Maybe I just needed to balance out all the bohemian-inspired looks I've been featuring lately - like my long crochet vest; and the sundress-and-boots combination.  Gotta keep things interesting, right?? Besides, I think that black is just as "right" for summer as white is traditionally considered to be!!

But what about you, dear readers...would you feel comfortable in a black ensemble at this time of year??  I'd love to hear what you have to say!!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Beached's finally summertime here in Vancouver!!

My husband and I celebrated by heading to the shore for our first official "beach day" of the season; seriously, I can't think of a lovelier way to unwind than with my toes in the sand and a good book under my nose!!  (I don't like to tan, major sunblock is a must!!)

This breezy maxi-dress was a souvenir from a wonderful holiday in California that my hubby and I - together with his mom and step-dad - enjoyed last year; we rented a tiny cottage in Seal Beach for a week...and you better believe that I strolled that amazing surf at every opportunity!!

Because we have the buffer of Vancouver Island separating us from true "open ocean," our own waves rarely reach an impressive size, but that suits me just fine; I'm a wader, not a surfer (or even a swimmer, to be honest!!)

With any luck, there will be a few more ocean-side photo opportunities in the weeks ahead!!  Stay tuned!!

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