Friday, August 29, 2014


Just when I've halfway convinced myself to take a bit of a break from shopping...another cute dress comes along!!

It's my own fault, of course - if I really wanted to stick to my plan, then I shouldn't have headed to the local mall for my favourite Starbucks soy chai latte; the drive-through would have been a more prudent option!!

At first, I truly was "just browsing"...but what's the fun of looking if it doesn't also include some trying on, right??  And this swingy little polka-dotted number (from Forever 21) was simply made for a late summer lunch date on an outdoor patio - which my husband and I had planned with some friends for the following afternoon - so it naturally ended up coming home with me!!

And even though I'm still not ready to think about how autumn is looming just around the corner, I know my newest wardrobe addition will work equally well with tights and boots and a leather jacket once the weather turns chilly!!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Apparently, even though there's no real evidence to support it, a lot of people believe that the original word for "butterfly" was actually flutterby!!

It certainly makes a lot of sense - considering the way they fly! - while dairy products, on the other hand, don't enter into the equation at all as far as I can tell!!  Besides..."flutterby" just sounds so much prettier, don't you think??

I felt a little like a flutterby/butterfly wearing this vibrant, kimono-inspired blouse today; those oversized sleeves are not exactly practical (even washing my hands was a challenge!) but oh!!  The dreamy way the fabric floated around me in the slightest breeze made it all worthwhile!!

And aren't fuchsia and orange so incredible together??  My cork-heeled sandals peeking out from under the hem of my jeans added just a touch of the former colour to my look...until I found this slouchy, fabric hobo bag at Forever 21.

Now this is the way to do florals and stripes for the summer!!


Monday, August 25, 2014

Clouded judgment

Convention style wisdom tells us that we should always emphasize our waistline for the most figure-flattering look...but sometimes, I just don't want to do what I'm told!!  (And I'm not the only one, I'm sure!!)

Admittedly, it's a tad more challenging to create a "linear" fashion statement when you don't have a model's height and silhouette; but I think this denim shirtdress falls just straight enough - and the hem is just short enough - to give me that slightly boxy look I was after without being overwhelming.

Some extra height in the footwear department helps, too...and I have to say, these Reaction Kenneth Cole peep-toe wedges have been the perfect "training wheels" for once again making me feel confident and comfortable with wearing a pair of heels.

Good thing I invested in them!!  My latest ultrasound - which I had last week - indicates that my DVT has actually improved (yay!) but I've been cautioned once again by my doctor that the various symptoms I'm dealing with could still be an issue for months...or even years.

That's a looong time to wait and see if so many of my other shoes will ever fit again!!  I haven't decided yet if replacing them is the way to go; but I guess the worst-case scenario is a whole lot of shoe shopping in my future, right?!


Friday, August 22, 2014

Skirting the issue

I'm in a style quandary, dear readers...and I'd really love your advice!!

This denim pencil skirt was a thrifted find that my husband brought home for me when he was visiting his mom on Vancouver Island a couple of months ago.  Didn't he do well with the trendy front-slit detail and perfect fit?!

But because I already own one knee-length jean skirt (remember it from my "Trial and error" and "A-line" posts?) I am debating whether I should turn this one into a DIY project for an above-the-knee, cut-off skirt!!

I love the casual, edgy feel of a raw-hemmed denim mini...but virtually all of them are really, really short; this might be the ideal opportunity for me to create one that's just the length I'd like.  But I'm also very happy with how it looks right now - kind of retro cool, right?!

Would you please let me know what you think I should do??  I honestly can't make up my mind, and I'm anxious to get your input!!

P.S. If you live in the Vancouver area and happen to be a fan of Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren, Alison of Styling My Life is co-hosting an event at The Bay downtown from 2:00 to 4:00pm this Saturday, August 23rd!!  I know she'd love to see you there!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In the buff

We were surprised with an unexpected dinner invitation I decided I would take my pleated, nude-pink BB Dakota dress out for the evening (and my husband, too, of course!!)

When you're wearing a sort of non-colour like this, it's a wonderful opportunity to choose some accessories that will make a bit of a style statement; alternatively, you can play it totally the other way and go for a very pared down, almost minimalistic feel.

I think I managed to hit it right in the middle!!  My black sandal/bootie hybrids and this studded MK bag are definitely edgy - but certainly not "over the top" - while the leopard cuff and amber pendant add just the smallest touch of colour and pattern to a dress that's really all about texture, texture, texture!!

As it happened, our night started with a game of backyard bocce; and ended with a GIGANTIC spider (omg!) hitching a ride indoors on my oblivious hubby's shoulder...both of which necessitated some rather, ahem, dexterous maneuvering on my part (bocce was fun, but I couldn't get away from that eight-legged monster fast enough!!)

Good thing I wasn't all body-con and stilettos; the last thing I need right now is another broken foot!!


Monday, August 18, 2014

Do's and don'ts

In hindsight, I have to say that I'm a little upset with how "autumn appropriate" this look actually turned out to be...I'm not ready for our summer to be over just yet, neither weather- nor fashion-wise!!

But since I had a hair appointment in the city this afternoon - which involves a bit of a trek from the nearest Skytrain station to the salon - and since my leg and foot are still not at their best, I wanted to build an ensemble around my most reliably comfortable Aldo booties.

Not that they don't look good with pretty much anything I pair them with!!  But my new blue plaid shirt was calling for an outing, too; and since there were some rather ominous grey clouds up there in the sky, jeans just seemed like a smart decision for today!!

Luckily, my fresh 'do and I did not end up getting rained on (is it just me, or does that seem to happen a lot?) and I still had plenty of spring in my step for a little photo shoot.  There's nothing like getting your hair done to make you feel ready to take on the world, don't you think, dear readers?!


Friday, August 15, 2014

Stripes and wedges

I just took my love of stripes to a whole new level, dear readers...I added a pair of striped jeans to my denim repertoire!!

They've been on my wish-list for quite a while, but since the "look at me!' factor is a little higher than with your average pair of jeans, I wasn't sure I was ready to make the commitment.  Actually, I was still in the "thinking about it" phase when I found these blue-and-white Mavi skinnies at Winners last weekend...only this time, I was brave enough to try them on!!

Surprise!!  The super-stretchy and rather lightweight fabric makes them incredibly comfortable; and talk about flattering...I feel like I have legs-for-days when I put them on!!  Win-win, right?!

Because they're quite a statement all on their own, I kept the rest of my look a little more on the simple side with this grey graphic tee and my Bjorn wedge slides; only to bump things up once again by adding my oversized, chandelier-style earrings!!

Are these stripes going to play as well with other pieces in my wardrobe??  That question shall remain unanswered for now...but somehow, I have a feeling you'll be seeing them again really soon!!

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