Friday, October 31, 2014

Paisley and pleather

Happy Halloween, dear readers!!

I don't know how long I'm still going to get away with wearing a skirt without tights this season - it's the end of October, after all! - but can you blame me for taking advantage while I can?!

When I snagged this pretty paisley blouse at Forever 21 a couple of weeks ago (you saw it once already in my "Luxe lynx" post) I couldn't resist also bringing home this really cute, light grey pleather mini-skirt!! They were totally made for each other!!

And my knee-high suede boots and blue linen jacket added the perfect finishing touches to the slightly 60's-inspired combination...I love the way they pick up the colours from the patterned top!!

So even though this skirt was not originally on my shopping radar, I don't regret my little splurge; I've already got ideas for working it into a few other looks!!


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Green day

So yes, I'm fussy about finding the perfect top (you can read why in my "Shaggy" post!)...but every once in a while, I hit a little fashion jackpot!!

This green pullover is technically a sweater, of course; but without an opening in front - like a cardigan - it gets classified as a "top" in my books.  And with that fluffy mohair texture and gorgeous colour, I knew right away it was a wardrobe must-have!!

Since my faux-leather skirt and tights added a bit of extra warmth, I was lucky enough to be able to wear my lovely new knit without a jacket today; the better to show off its boxy silhouette and that cool funnel neckline!!  But it's not so oversized that layering will be an issue later on... can bet I'm already imagining it with my moto jacket and a pair of skinny jeans, too!!


Monday, October 27, 2014


You know what I've come to realize since I've started documenting my shopping adventures, dear readers??  Of all the various pieces that make their way into my wardrobe, finding tops that I adore is the biggest challenge for me!!

I'm sure my love of sweaters is pretty apparent by now - here I am, wearing my amazing Free People cardigan again! - and my collection of jeans would be huge if I wasn't careful about editing very regularly. A great dress always manages to catch my eye, and even skirts have started to find a bit of a fan club in me!!

But for some reason, I'm waaay more selective when it comes to tops!!  So often, there's some detail that keeps me from making a purchase; the neckline isn't right...or the sleeves...or the fabric.  I rarely like shirt collars, I'm not particularly fond of cuffs...and if the piece needs to be ironed??  Forget it!!

So now I have a new focus when I'm making the rounds of my favourite stores; I'll be particularly zealous in my search for tops!!  And - as always! - I'll keep you posted about my finds!!


Friday, October 24, 2014

Double delight

Your eyes are not deceiving you, dear readers...I am once again wrapped in a layer of brand-new, faux-fur fabulousness!!

Two new furry vests?!  Am I crazy?!  Maybe I am...but I simply could not resist either the "luxe lynx" version that I wore in my last post; or this extra-long, extra-plush Winners find!!  And believe me...I really tried!!

But you can never have too many options when it comes to pieces that add such wonderful textural interest to an outfit, am I right??  And although I still managed to get away with a sleeveless look today, our weather here in Vancouver has certainly been chillier lately; opportunities to layer it over a jacket are right around the corner!!

Besides, we all have more than one pair of jeans or one pair of shoes in our my own wardrobe just happens to include a double helping of fur vests, too!!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Luxe lynx

I've been thinking for a while about upgrading my furry vest situation, but I haven't had any luck finding just the right one...until now!!

As soon as I saw this faux-fur beauty at Zara last weekend, there was no question that it would be coming home with me; I mean, how amazing is that lookalike lynx?!  I'm always so excited to find "classic" pieces that have a bit of a twist...and this animal print is definitely not your standard leopard!!

Today, it was the perfect add-on to make my white skinny jeans feel autumn-appropriate; and its wonderful colour and texture couldn't have been a prettier complement to the muted paisley pattern of this Forever 21 blouse!!

Now I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for plenty of dry days ahead...rain and fur are two things that do not equal a good mix!!


Monday, October 20, 2014

Back to nature

I'll admit it...many moons ago, I was one of those girls who thought you should never wear brown and black together!!

So silly, right?!  I mean, we see it in the world around us all the time - brown and black horses, brown and black dogs; even insects and rocks are often variations of those two colours.  Mother Nature knows what she's doing!!

But I do think it's a colour palette that we usually associate with autumn...especially when you add some green (like I did) or gold or orange to the mix.  What I wasn't expecting, however, were the very mild temperatures that we were fortunate enough to enjoy today; my tights, army jacket and brand-new tasselled scarf had me feeling a little over-dressed in the layers department!!

There you go...serves me right for believing the weather forecast!!  ;)


Friday, October 17, 2014

Style 3-Play: Oversized Sweater Look Three

So here it is - my final Style 3-Play combination featuring this scrumptiously soft, oversized sweater...and in many ways, my favourite!!

Don't you agree that a tunic-length topper like this is pretty much made for a pair of leggings??  And these maroon, faux-leather ones are so perfect for fall; the colour is a nice change from my go-to black, and they kept me warm and dry...even in today's drizzle!!

Because of lingering DVT issues (my right leg is still often swollen,) I haven't been able to wear my Sam Edelman wedge booties since before my accident, but - surprise, surprise!! - they're fitting me again!!  I'm absolutely thrilled!!

This extra-wide grommet belt, on the other hand, has made fairly regular appearances over the past few months...I'd wear my sweater-and-leggings ensemble just as happily without it, but today it does a wonderful job of reining in all that volume on top and giving me a bit of a waist.

Have I inspired you to try your own oversized sweater look, dear readers??  Be sure to let me know; I'd love to check it out!!

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