Friday, January 30, 2015

Spring ahead

I can't believe I'm doing a sheer dress and bare legs at the end of January...I mean, I live in Canada, after all!!

Honestly, I really had to think about how I was going to make my breezy frock look more "seasonal" ...because our weather in Vancouver was so mild this day that I could have worn it solo with sandals and been perfectly comfortable.  But with the eastern side of the country (and the States, too!) anticipating a record-breaking winter storm, I didn't want to seem sartorially insensitive!!  ;)

In the end, I think my knee-length furry vest and this pair of tall suede boots were ideal for adding a little bit of visual weight to my pretty new number from Forever 21...while still letting me take full advantage of our spring-like day.  I've got plenty of time yet to show off the dress in its entirety, after all!!

As it turned out - to the relief of our neighbours on the east coast! - that major snowstorm wasn't quite as bad as everyone feared it would be.  And our local temperatures have returned to a more normal range for this time of year, too...I guess I'm not putting the tights away just yet!!


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In sequins

I thought I'd take the "sequins for daytime" trend out for a spin this morning, and I have to's really kind of fun!!

I've gone against the inherently fancy feel of those shiny little discs in a big way by combining my embellished sweater with a lightweight army parka (Vancouver's weather has been downright balmy recently!) and this adorable floral beanie...which I found on sale at H&M for only five bucks!!

And the spotted skinnies??  You've seen them dolled up with a fluffy pink knit and strappy shoes in my "Simply the best!" post; but I'm really happy with how well they transitioned to a much more casual look, as well.

Off to grab my Starbucks soy chai latte now, dear readers...I might be in sequins, but nobody's mistaking this for a walk of shame!!  ;)


Monday, January 26, 2015

A checkered past

Do you believe the widely-held "wardrobe wisdom" that pieces you've not worn in a year will probably never be worn again??

This mustard-yellow checkered skirt has been hanging, virtually untouched, in my closet for over five years...but I've stubbornly refused to let it go.  Something about the colour appealed to me even before it became really trendy; and I guess I've been a fan of plaid for longer than I originally thought!!

So, my decision to "purge" a particular item from my wardrobe is quite obviously not based on whether I've worn it regularly or not...but rather, on whether I think I'd like to wear it again at some point.  And my instincts were right on the mark this time, don't you agree?!  I absolutely love it paired with my graphic tee and quilted, faux-leather jacket!!

And now I'll do you decide if you'll hang on to a particular skirt or top or pair of jeans, dear readers??  I'm looking forward to learning your little tips and tricks!!



Friday, January 23, 2015

Style 3-Play: Moto Jacket Look Three

I've said it before, but I'm going to say it again...I am not a winter person!!

One of the reasons that I moved from Toronto to Vancouver was to get away from all the cold and snow that's typical back east pretty much from November to March.  So it's kind of funny how my adopted city actually has visitors from all over the world that come here specifically for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding!!  Luckily for me, though, what happens in the mountains...almost always stays in the mountains!!

Of course my distaste for the white stuff doesn't mean that I'm not enjoying the snuggly sweaters and layers that are - sartorially speaking - such a big part of this season!!  So how convenient was it that I happened to be wearing my moto jacket when I tried on this awesome turtleneck maxi-dress at H&M recently?!  I bet you won't blame me for instantly falling in love with the edgy new combination!!

Some unexpected wind today did make my decision to do bare legs a bit, um, drafty for my lower extremities; but the wool and leather up top managed to keep me reasonably comfortable anyway. Just...maybe don't try this in Toronto (or the mountains!) right now!!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Style 3-Play: Moto Jacket Look Two

Am I the only one who still gets dressed up for movie night, dear readers?!

My husband and I met some friends at the theatre this evening - we went to see "Taken 3" - and as we were waiting in the line-up for our popcorn, I couldn't help but notice what all the other guests were wearing (the byproduct of being a personal style blogger, I guess!!)

Let me tell you...I was definitely the only one in heels!!  In fact, I felt a little like I was crashing a pyjama party; sweatpants, fleece pants, hoodies and flip-flops (yes! in January!) seemed to be the prevailing fashion statement.  Now, I'm all for coziness and comfort when it comes to a night at home in front of the television...but doesn't an evening out deserve a bit more effort?!

The movie was fun - although not quite as good as "Taken" and "Taken 2," at least in the opinion of our little group! - and I honestly felt just fine standing out in this moto jacket, brand-new plush tee (on sale at H&M!) and reptile pumps combination.  My pj's?!  I'll save those for the bedroom, thank you very much!!


Monday, January 19, 2015

Style 3-Play: Moto Jacket Look One

It's recently come to my attention that I've been neglecting my moto jacket a little lately...which creates the ideal opportunity for another one of my "Style 3-Play" features!!

I'm not exactly sure why I haven't been reaching for this edgy beauty to finish off more of my looks this fall and winter; after all, it adds that perfect bit of rockerish attitude that I simple love to include in virtually every one of my outfit combinations!!

Too many fabulous pieces - and not enough days off to wear them all! - might be part of the problem, I suppose...but it's a "problem" that I'm quite honestly very happy to have.  When your closet is full of nothing but favourites, putting together a look you like is generally pretty easy!!

Today I've added some colour and pattern to my black jacket and accessories with this cognac wool mini-skirt, and yellow and maroon plaid shirt.  But please stay tuned...I promise that Wednesday's combination will tell a whole different story!!


Friday, January 16, 2015

A special guest

Someone wouldn't let us leave home without him today, dear readers!!

My husband and I will often let "Badger" stay out of his cage unsupervised when we know we'll only be gone for a short while - like a Starbucks run and a quick photo-shoot, for example - and he's generally content to snooze in front of the fireplace until we return.  Not this morning, though!!

There he was, waiting for us to open our condo door...ready for a little ferret adventure!!  And how could we possibly refuse that adorable face?!

Unfortunately, poor Badger is feeling under the weather again; he only just recovered from his previous illness, and now it seems that he's managed to catch my cold (ferrets are one of the few animals that are susceptible to the human flu virus.)  But with any luck, he'll be up to modelling again very soon...if you'd like him to make another appearance, that is!!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Back on track

Except for a rather nasty cough that seems determined to hang on, I am (thankfully!) feeling pretty much back to normal this week...and more than ready to make the rounds of my favourite mall once again!!

Does shopping count as a hobby??  I imagine that for most personal style bloggers, it probably does; whether it's the satisfaction of getting our hands on a much-coveted piece after hours of searching, or the thrill of making an unexpected is exactly what any hobby should be:  fun!!

And of course it ties in perfectly with outfit blogging, right?!  Getting to style our awesome acquisitions - and then sharing the results with others who are just as enthusiastic about the whole process - that's definitely fun!!

No luck during this particular shopping expedition, dear readers...but there's always next time!!

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