Monday, March 30, 2015

Playing favourites: Long cardigan, striped jeans and major shoes!

I did warn you that you'd probably be seeing this new long cardigan of mine rather frequently...didn't I, dear readers?!

styling a long cardigan with striped skinny jeans and platform shoes

Truthfully, I've barely taken it off since it came home with me a couple of weeks ago!!  And equally true is the fact that a trench coat and gumboots would probably be a more practical choice (we've had a lot of rain here in Vancouver recently!) but when the weather is cool and damp, I find I crave the snuggle factor of a sweater that much more!!

styling a long cardigan with striped skinny jeans and platform shoes

women's short hairstyle and jewellery accessories

Today I layered a long, fringe-trimmed vest under the cardi for some extra interest; I wasn't sure at first if the "stripes on stripes" combination with my jeans would work...but it really does, don't you think?!  And a whole year after I broke my foot last March, I was finally brave enough take these amazing platform mary-janes out for a spin again!!

platform mary-jane shoes

women's short hairstyle and outfit accessories

Now that it's only the "ice" that's been broken - so to speak! - the shoes will definitely be back...and so will my newest sweater love!!

styling a long cardigan with striped skinny jeans and platform shoes


Friday, March 27, 2015

Sippy cup: Striped pencil skirt, wedge booties and a linen swing coat

So I'm not gonna lie...I definitely have a major Starbucks addiction!!

how to style a striped pencil skirt

By now, all my regular readers will know that my drink of choice is a soy chai latte; extra hot, if you please!!  It's a little sweet, a little spicy...and with just enough caffeine to help me sail through those afternoons when I might otherwise be feeling the effects of some extra hours spent watching a late night movie (or catching up on my blog reading list!!)

how to style a striped pencil skirt

striped pencil skirt and accessories

I've even invested in a milk frother so that I can set up my very own Starbucks kiosk at the veterinary clinic every lunch hour!!

slate blue linen swing coat

how to style a striped pencil skirt

Do I sometimes feel guilty about my daily indulgence??  Maybe just a bit; but then again...what's life without a treat or two?!

how to style a striped pencil skirt

(Remember, it's Fun Fashion Friday today over at Fashion Should Be Fun...come join the party!!)


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Jacked up: a white moto jacket and slouchy cargos!

These soft cargo pants are going to be sooo cute this summer with a tank top and some strappy flat sandals...but until the days of truly balmy weather arrive, I'm having fun styling their slouchiness in a slightly less casual way!!

styling slouchy cargo pants with a moto jacket

Today I opted for this brand new H&M moto-style jacket to add a touch of sharpness to my look.  It's replacing my old ivory-coloured leather jacket, which was never very comfortable...the leather was so stiff, it felt like a straitjacket!!  Not the best scenario for a girl like me who hates wearing anything restrictive!!

styling slouchy cargo pants with a moto jacket

motorcycle jacket

And as we all know, a pretty pair of heels always works to elevate (both literally and figuratively!) even the "easiest" outfit!!  Every time I put on these t-strap shoes, I'm impressed once more by how flattering they are...and the moderate platform makes them really comfortable, too.

styling slouchy cargo pants with a moto jacket

slouchy cargo pants and Elvis & Kresse bag

Have you started incorporating pieces with a more summery vibe into your ensembles yet, dear readers?? Or are you still struggling through winter's last hurrah?!  I'm curious about what's happening out there, both weather- and wardrobe-wise!!

styling slouchy cargo pants with a moto jacket


Monday, March 23, 2015

Maxed out: long cardigan, skinny jeans and booties!

As a confirmed "sweater girl," I'm sure you can all imagine that I was absolutely thrilled to jump on the long cardigan bandwagon today, dear readers!!

styling a long grey cardigan with skinny jeans and booties

There were a few oversized, grandpa-style cardis in my wardrobe already, of course...but the perfect long sweater/coat hybrid had so far eluded me.  Yes - I'd seen a few pretty ones, but they were waaay too sheer to really provide that true "wrapped in a blanket" coziness I was after.  (Something tells me I'm going to need all the help I can get when I visit my sister in New Brunswick next month!!)

styling a long grey cardigan with skinny jeans and booties

long grey cardigan and Michael Kors bag

And once again, it was Forever 21 that came to my rescue!!  I'll admit that the bricks-and-mortar store can be a bit of a challenge to navigate - those racks are always stuffed! - but since I enjoy the search almost as much as the find, it's rarely a problem!!

long grey cardigan and Michael Kors bag

Wishbone Collection booties

styling a long cardigan with skinny jeans and booties

I'm sure my new long cardigan is going to be a layering staple this spring; even though I haven't had time to experiment very much yet, I can totally imagine it "warming up" not just jeans...but dresses and shorts, too!!  :)

styling a long grey cardigan with skinny jeans and booties



Friday, March 20, 2015

No-snow zone: plaid shirt, skinny jeans and statement bag!

My husband and I have a bit of a vacation coming up, dear readers, and I'm starting to get excited about it...except for one thing!!

how to style a plaid shirt and skinny jeans

We'll be visiting my sister and her husband in New Brunswick at the end of April; and the east coast of Canada - and the United States, too - has been absolutely smothered under snowfall after snowfall...with even more expected for this weekend!!  By now I'm pretty much convinced that there's no way it will have melted in time for our holiday...and I absolutely HATE the snow!!

plaid shirt and statement accessories

styling a plaid shirt and skinny jeans

The reason for our trip??  Now that's the part that I am looking forward to; my parents will be joining us as well (from Toronto) for a little "family reunion"...we are going to be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary together!!

skinny jeans and statement shoes

plaid shirt and statement accessories

In the meantime, I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed that I'm wrong about the longevity of the snowy weather back east; after all, miracles do happen...and our trip is still a few weeks away!!

how to style a plaid shirt and skinny jeans

P.S.  It's the first day of spring today (yay!!)...but if you're already yearning for a dose of summer, head on over to Dawn's "Fun Fashion Friday" link-up happening today on Fashion Should Be Fun!!


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Play date: how to wear a romper to a party!

It was the bohemian pattern and pretty colour combination of this little one-piece from Forever 21 that first caught my eye a while ago...but when I realized it was a romper??  No thank you!!

Or so I thought!!  Over the next few weeks, it appeared - like magic! - on the racks in front of me whenever I popped into the store to see what was new...taunting me to give it a go!!  As my regular readers know, I'm usually more than willing to head in a new fashion direction; but I couldn't imagine that it might lead me into romper territory!!

Of course, now I'm thrilled that I finally did decide to take this playsuit into the change room with me!!  I know it will be perfect for the beach with bare legs and some strappy sandals once summer arrives...but today, I was excited about amping it up for a weekend party with tights, pumps, and a statement-making necklace!!

I'll admit that I was the only guest to show up in shorts, but I certainly didn't feel "underdressed" for the occasion; proof once again that style is less about what you wear...than how you wear it!!


Monday, March 16, 2015

Back off: Moto jacket, skinny jeans and MK bag!

On the rare occasion when I'm feeling somewhat "uninspired" in the wardrobe department, or if I'm in a hurry to put together a look for a last-minute invitation, then jeans and a T-shirt (or sweater!) will probably always be the combination that comes to my rescue!!

And I imagine that's very likely the case for most of my readers, too!!  Denim is now considered appropriate attire for virtually every situation; and together with the right top - an embellished tank for a cocktail party, or an old band tee for a painting party! - we truly are ready for just about anything!!

But after that, it's usually the choice of accessories that take a relatively basic ensemble into more interesting territory.  This morning I was headed to our local Starbucks for my go-to soy chai latte and a couple of hours of I hoped my biker jacket and studded bag would give off just enough of a "tough girl" vibe to keep away unsolicited conversation from strangers (I was there to work, after all!!)

It didn't...I was still briefly ambushed by a client who recognized me from my job.  But hey!!  At least he got to see me in something other than my scrubs, right?!  ;)


Friday, March 13, 2015

Bug-eyed: Chunky sweater, mini-skirt, and matching sunglasses and bag!

Over the past few seasons, I've developed a rather nice little collection of sunglasses...and this round, teal-framed pair is the very latest addition to my accessories drawer!!

The fact that they ended up being a perfect colour-match for my teal leather satchel was a rather happy coincidence; nowadays it's considered a little "old-fashioned" to wear a bag and shoes (or boots!) in the same shade...but how cool is it to match your bag to your sunnies?!

After a lifetime of absolutely despising glasses (I had vision-correcting laser surgery about 15 years ago so I wouldn't need them!) I'm not sure how this appreciation for the style possibilities of eyewear actually started; but now I often reach for a pair to add a little "something something" to my outfit combinations.

My husband thinks my newest version might be his personal favourite; and - for right now, at least! - I think they might be mine, too!!

P.S.  It's "Fun Fashion Friday" again, dear readers!!  Be sure to join the party hosted by my blogger friend Dawn at Fashion Should Be Fun and get your weekend started the right way!!  :)


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

True blue love: a chambray shirt and denim pencil skirt!

For all my former reluctance to embrace the classic chambray shirt - I mean, I only just added one to my wardrobe about a month ago! - it now appears that I can hardly manage to put together an outfit without it!!  But that's true love, right?!  ;)

Today I was excited about experimenting with the whole "double denim" trend again (if you've been a regular reader for a while, you might remember the combination I did for my "Cinderella" post last summer!!)  Of course I know that chambray isn't quite the same thing...but the vibe is similar enough to my acid-washed pencil skirt to create that top-to-bottom look I was after!!

So why is this confirmed "sweater girl" suddenly gaga over a button-front shirt??  Well - it's taken me awhile, but I've started to realize that a top like this doesn't have to feel buttoned up or constricting... as long as the fabric is soft and the fit is easy.

But one thing's for sure...I'm still not plugging in my iron any time soon!!

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