My story

It's still not very long ago - September 2013, to be exact! - when I started this little online project of mine that's part fashion blog (all hail personal style!) and part lifestyle blog (serious shopping enthusiast here!) ...but I've definitely been a longtime practitioner of dressing up for my downtime!!

As much as I love my job as receptionist for a veterinary clinic - I've met so many wonderful pets and their equally awesome owners over the years! - the uniform of choice is scrubs, and that doesn't leave a lot of room for sartorial self-expression!!

I expanded my horizons with a Make-up Artistry Diploma from Blanche MacDonald Centre, and have worked part-time for cosmetics companies like Toni&Tina, MakeupForEver and Clinique, as well as helped numerous brides and grads look their most beautiful for their special days.

But getting dressed for my weekends is where I have the most fun!! And yes, if those weekends involve a shopping excursion or two - as they almost invariably do! - then that's even better!! My only downfall is a condominium-sized closet, which necessitates much editing on my part (I'm at the point now where if anything new goes in, something "old" gets donated to my local Salvation Army!!)

I live in the suburbs of Vancouver with my husband of 13 years, and our four adorable (if somewhat fragrant!) ferrets...and I am very much looking forward to sharing my personal style journal with you!!

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