Oh boy – there’s truly nothing like arriving home without your suitcase (a suitcase that happens to contain some of your most favourite pieces) to make you assess and reassess the remainder of your wardrobe,… View Post

My visit to Toronto is just over a week away, dear readers – I leave on May 11th – which means I’ve started my pretty predictable pre-trip panic.  Is it the flight I’m worried about?? … View Post

Whew!!  It’s Monday and here I am as usual…despite my mentioning last week that I’d no longer be so hard on myself about posting on a strict schedule.  I’ll be honest, though – it was… View Post

I have a confession to make, dear readers.  After four and a half years in this game, I truly expected to be a little further along in my blogging career than I am.  There’s been… View Post

We here in the World Wide Web occasionally poke fun at ourselves for our #bloggerproblems, dear readers; but I have to be honest…sometimes the struggle is truly real!! 😜 Take this particular afternoon, for example. … View Post