Some of you will likely doubt the advisability of wearing denim on a smokin’ hot summer day.  But if it’s an adorable button-front denim bustier…I certainly don’t mind if I do!! 😉 I was ridiculously excited to… View Post

If you are a regular reader of fashion blogs or a follower of fashionistas on Instagram and Pinterest, then I’m sure you’ve seen them, too; post after post related to the covetability (Google tells me… View Post

It happened, dear readers!!  Our long-planned, repeatedly postponed, revised-at-the-last-moment-because-of-budget-constraints trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon finally happened!!  And we truly couldn’t have had a more amazing time; it was exactly the getaway we needed to help us… View Post

The Solstice has been picked up from the auto repair shop, travel insurance has been purchased, and currency has been exchanged; it’s a done deal, dear readers!!  We are on our way to Oregon first… View Post

Looks like I spoke too soon, dear readers – both about my feeling only a week or two ago that summer had finally arrived here in Vancouver (the temperature has taken a decidedly chilly turn… View Post