I’m finding myself in an odd place with my blog right now, dear readers; while I am missing my regular-as-clockwork twice-a-week posting schedule, I’m also happy to be relieved of the (self-imposed) pressure to stick to… View Post

Whew!!  I’ve once again managed to bring you a blog post just by the proverbial “skin of my teeth”, dear readers!! 😬 Between the weather (summer isn’t officially over yet, but it’s rained pretty much… View Post

We humans certainly seem to find change a challenge, don’t we??  Not always, of course…but I believe most of us struggle at least to some degree when change comes into our lives; especially when it feels… View Post

Short and sweet seems to be the going theme around here lately, dear readers; even a three-day weekend like the one we are currently enjoying is apparently not enough time for me to get the… View Post

Guess what, dear readers??  It’s my birthday today!!  Woot woot!! 😁🎂 So you’ll forgive me if I once again keep things on the “short and sweet” side…right?!  I couldn’t skip making an appearance entirely, though; not when… View Post