It started with Selma

This was one of those mornings when what I thought I was going to wear for the day ended up morphing into a completely different look.

I had a photo of Selma Blair in mind that I recalled seeing a number of years ago, in which she wore a narrow black midi skirt with a sleek black little spaghetti-strap tank…very minimalist; and perfect, I felt, for an end-of-summer afternoon.

But my own black tank wasn’t a good match for the skirt (isn’t it crazy how many shades of black there are?!) and the weather didn’t seem like it was going to play along either, so I decided to tweak my outfit idea just a little by wearing a top with a bit more coverage (and a little shimmer, too!)

And because my army-green BKL sleeveless shirt just happened to be hanging on my closet door, I thought I’d add that as a vest. Then a pendant necklace, the booties, and the cowhide bag…and done!

As you can see, in the end, the sun did come out after all!!


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