Winners edge

Because my job requires a uniform, “career wear” is pretty much non-existent in my closet. Instead, I’m all about off-duty looks!! Sometimes that means jeans and a tank top…but other times, I like to dress it up a little (or even a lot!!)

Today I decided I did want to take it up just a notch, so I chose a little wool-blend skirt (after all, autumn is in the air, even if it doesn’t feel much like it yet!) to go with my striped tank; and a pair of Jessica Simpson boots that have a cool, “seventies” vibe.

After my chai latte and a browse around Chapters, I couldn’t resist popping into Winners…definitely one of my favourite stores!! It may not be ideal when you’re shopping for a specific piece, but it’s great if you’re up for a bit of a treasure hunt.

I have to say that I’m actually not a big fan of hoodies…they usually have way too much of an “athletic” feel for my taste (so not me!). But I kind of couldn’t resist this one’s “multi-media” look with the contrasting sleeves, and that great raw hem.

I’m not sure it’s a keeper yet…but I have 30 days to think about it!!


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