Black mood

I was feeling black (sartorially speaking, not emotionally!) this morning, so I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to build a look around my Danier Leather moto jacket, which hasn’t seen the light of day for several months now.

While I was at it, why not switch up the bag?! This Fossil satchel is roomy enough to carry my iPad – which seems to be accompanying me everywhere lately – as well as all my other essentials; and the zebra stripe detail is a nice variation on the current animal print trend.

And since my husband was taking me to my favourite mall to go shopping, I thought I’d return the gesture and wear some eye candy in the form of these yummy shoes!!

A few hours into our excursion, he asked me if my feet were okay…like a lot of guys, he appreciates my footwear efforts, but can’t imagine how I manage to walk in them all day. Of course I was fine (although I admit to changing into flats when we stopped to pick up some groceries before heading home!!)


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