A new year always feels a bit like a crisp new notebook, don’t you think??  The pages are empty – fresh and clean – but sooo full of the promise!! I’m not really a “resolutions”… View Post

I truly was in a sweat when I headed to the checkout counter with these pants, dear readers…what was I doing with a pair of joggers in my hands?! This style was “not for me”… View Post

So there we go…another Christmas is over and done. Unless you happen to follow German tradition like I do; in which case, “Boxing Day” is actually considered to be a second Christmas Day.  Isn’t that… View Post

I sure hope you’ve been good girls (and boys!) dear readers, because this is it…Santa is on his way today!! If you’ve been following along on my blog, then you know that until very recently,… View Post

I absolutely love putting together outfits and documenting them for my blog, but I have to admit…at this time of year, the weather can be a real challenge when it comes to taking photos!! If it… View Post