Uptown “Downton”

I’m probably one of the very few that doesn’t watch this hit British period drama…but even I thought “Downton Abbey” when I was putting together this look!!

I’ve been anxious to style my flannel maxi skirt (W118 by Walter Baker – from Winners!) for a while now; but having done a number of skirt-and-sweater outfits lately, I was waiting for a different sort of inspiration to strike.  And strike it did!!

Doesn’t my L.A.M.B. jacket look like it was made for this skirt?!  It’s a complete turnaround from the rockerish vibe it gave my “A blaze(r) of glory” post…but such a fitting match here as well, both colour- and pattern-wise!!

Can’t you just see me riding off into the sunset on a beautiful horse?!  (Side-saddle, of course!!)



  1. February 17, 2014 / 3:51 pm

    I think you know dear Monika: I love this blazer πŸ™‚ and I love this pattern-mix. It's really different, but it fits totally good together. And I know, if you said, you don't know how to wear/style this beautiful maxi skirt. Thats the reason that I don't have one. But if I look at you, I have to changing this – soon. Anyway the series Downtown Abbey I have also not seen. But I heard that the period-costumes should be great.
    Have a nice Day, Conny xoxo πŸ™‚

    • February 17, 2014 / 6:23 pm

      I DO know that you love this blazer, dear Conny!! πŸ˜‰ And as far as maxi skirts and dresses go, I often wear them in the summer…but for some reason, styling this more winter-appropriate one feels a little trickier!! Still, I'm really happy with how the look turned out here!!

  2. February 17, 2014 / 10:09 pm

    Beautiful silhouette and love the clashing prints! You did it just right. Oh, and I don't watch Downton Abbey either – I gave it a chance, but I fell asleep in the middle of season 1 episode 1… Well I guess I'm more of a Game of Thrones type of girl πŸ˜›


    • February 18, 2014 / 1:00 am

      Thank you very much, Anett!! And I'm so glad to hear that I'm NOT the only one who doesn't watch this TV series…I guess I'm in the right company!! πŸ˜‰

  3. February 18, 2014 / 1:15 pm

    I'm with Anett B …. Game of Thrones all the way! Love the outfit. the print mixing is fab! I always look forward to your posts, Monika!

    • February 18, 2014 / 3:02 pm

      You're the best, Dawn; thank you!! And I don't know what this says about me…but I'm a "Walking Dead" girl myself!! πŸ™‚

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