The good news, dear readers, is that this week is the last week that my outfit posts will include a certain ugly medical device!! Unfortunately, as I was being informed that the four broken bones… View Post

A while ago, back when I was a little braver than I am now, I used to own and ride a motorcycle!! The bike has been history for a number of years now, but I… View Post

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason…even if we can’t quite see it at the time!! So even though I never imagined that my – drum roll please! – one hundredth blog… View Post

Yeah, I can get a pair of jeans on under that cast…but a skirt is just so much easier right now!! This fun floral midi-skirt (from Winners) had to become mine for two reasons – the… View Post

I’m not afraid to tell you that these past few weeks of recovery have been some of my most challenging times ever!! Dealing with the big, ugly air cast is one thing…but having both hands occupied… View Post