Jeans day!

Here we are…the first time I’ve dared to wear jeans since I broke my foot almost three weeks ago!!

With the hard cast (remember that lovely vision in purple?) I literally couldn’t; there was just no way to get them pulled on!!  But since this air cast is removable – and since my foot isn’t quite as painful now as it first was – I decided to give it a try.

Success!!  Then I thought:  why stop there??  A full-on denim look is still a big trend right now, so I paired my skinnies with my new shirt by Silver Jeans that’s literally…silver!!  As you may recall reading in some of my past posts, a shirt like this is not one of my go-to pieces; but style is all about experimenting, and since I don’t have a lot of shoe options to keep me amused right now…!!

The shirt is really very fitted (which is probably what makes it work with the crutches – no bunching under the arms!) but surprisingly stretchy, so I actually felt quite comfortable wearing it.

Still, don’t expect me to trade in my favourite knits and jerseys anytime soon!!



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