I kind of fell in love with the cute, bandana-inspired fabric of this red and white tank top as soon as I spotted it during a recent shopping excursion (to Winners, of course!)…and when I… View Post

Doesn’t this maxi-dress have the most interesting – almost organic-looking – striped pattern you’ve ever seen?!  (Told you I have a “thing” for stripes right now!!) I wasn’t sure at first what it reminded me… View Post

Not exactly the most flattering analogy, right??  But fashion and style are truly a little like that…we’ll see a new silhouette, or fabric treatment, or colour story on someone (or a few someones) and suddenly,… View Post

So…I know the trend lately is to have your boyfriend jeans fitting just a little snugger than the way we saw them worn a few seasons ago, but to that I say “what’s the point?!”… View Post

I don’t quite know what it is about stripes lately…but I’m loving them more and more!! Fellow Vancouver personal style blogger Alison of “Styling My Life” has been showing off her awesome, over-sized striped canvas… View Post