Somewhere in this personal style diary of mine, I clearly remember stating that I wasn’t particularly fond of the “pyjama dressing” trend…well, just look at what I’m wearing today!! I’d been yearning to create another… View Post

I probably own way more dresses than I really need…especially since I wear scrubs at work!! Actually, I probably own way more clothes than I need, period!!  But what’s a girl to do?!  So many cute… View Post

I’ve mentioned on several occasions that I really don’t have an athletic bone in my body (getting dirty and sweaty is so not my idea of fun!)…but going for a long walk is something I’ve… View Post

These palazzo pants are a fashion first for me…and despite my choice of title, I think they are really very flattering!! And incredibly comfortable, too!!  The fabric is so lightweight and breezy, I imagine that… View Post

See that big smile on my face??  Every week or two, I re-try all the shoes that I haven’t been able to wear since my accident (and the resulting DVT)…and today, my BGBGeneration pumps actually… View Post