Just when I’ve halfway convinced myself to take a bit of a break from shopping…another cute dress comes along!! It’s my own fault, of course – if I really wanted to stick to my plan,… View Post

Apparently, even though there’s no real evidence to support it, a lot of people believe that the original word for “butterfly” was actually flutterby!! It certainly makes a lot of sense – considering the way… View Post

Convention style wisdom tells us that we should always emphasize our waistline for the most figure-flattering look…but sometimes, I just don’t want to do what I’m told!!  (And I’m not the only one, I’m sure!!)… View Post

I’m in a style quandary, dear readers…and I’d really love your advice!! This denim pencil skirt was a thrifted find that my husband brought home for me when he was visiting his mom on Vancouver… View Post

We were surprised with an unexpected dinner invitation today…so I decided I would take my pleated, nude-pink BB Dakota dress out for the evening (and my husband, too, of course!!) When you’re wearing a sort… View Post