I’ve got all kinds of pattern and texture going on in this look, dear readers…but my favourite colour palette (black and white, of course!) ties things together quite nicely, don’t you think?! The quilted, faux-leather… View Post

I’m so sad to be saying it, dear readers…but I have a feeling that this might be my very last summer look of the year!!  Sniff!! And after all my recent posts about shopping, I thought it… View Post

In keeping with my recent confessions about a certain little shopping “habit,” it will come as no surprise that I’ve been working on a wardrobe “purge” for the past couple of weeks…gotta make room for… View Post

I say I’m going to keep hanging on to summery looks for as long as possible…but a little touch of autumn seems to be creeping in despite my best efforts!! In my defence, it was… View Post

I’ve admitted that I’m a champion shopper who thoroughly enjoys the thrill of adding a new piece to my wardrobe on a rather regular basis; but this brings up the obvious question…how do I make… View Post