Happy Halloween, dear readers!! I don’t know how long I’m still going to get away with wearing a skirt without tights this season – it’s the end of October, after all! – but can you… View Post

So yes, I’m fussy about finding the perfect top (you can read why in my “Shaggy” post!)…but every once in a while, I hit a little fashion jackpot!! This green pullover is technically a sweater,… View Post

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Your eyes are not deceiving you, dear readers…I am once again wrapped in a layer of brand-new, faux-fur fabulousness!! Two new furry vests?!  Am I crazy?!  Maybe I am…but I simply could not resist either… View Post

I’ve been thinking for a while about upgrading my furry vest situation, but I haven’t had any luck finding just the right one…until now!! As soon as I saw this faux-fur beauty at Zara last… View Post