(Not so) high maintenance: how to style cropped faux-leather trousers

Christmastime is usually “slow season” at the veterinary clinic where I work – probably because most people have priorities other than getting the family pets’ booster shots done! – and this means that between appointments, our staff might find a few moments to watch a YouTube video or to catch up on their Facebook feeds.  One afternoon last week, the focus of amusement was an online questionnaire that supposedly helps you figure out whether or not you’re considered “high maintenance”!!  😜

styling cropped faux-leather trousers with a graphic tank, faux-fur bomber jacket, flat-top fedora, cat-eye sunglasses

Basic hygiene aside, I don’t think it should matter where any of us falls on the personal maintenance scale…we each deserve to take the time we need to feel our best.  But because I always have considered myself to be kinda up there in that department, I thought it would be fun to answer questions like “do you wear makeup everyday” (an emphatic yes for me – even if I don’t have any plans to leave the house!) and “do you regularly get a spray tan” (omg, no – I do everything I can not to look tanned!) to see how I scored on this particular – and obviously not very scientific! – survey.

styling cropped faux-leather trousers with a graphic tank, faux-fur bomber jacket, stiletto booties, flat-top fedora, cat-eye sunglasses, stiletto booties

styling cropped faux-leather trousers, stiletto bootiesSurprisingly, I’m actually right in the middle of the maintenance range!!  As I mentioned above, doing my makeup every morning is as non-negotiable as brushing my teeth.  I spend big bucks to get my hair coloured and cut every two to three months; and now that I’ve discovered the wonders of shellac polish, a professional manicure has become part of my regular routine as well.  False nails and false lashes are not, though (I tried strip lashes once or twice, but the weight of them on my eyelids made me nauseous!) and thanks to genetics, I’m really lucky to never need eyebrow waxing, either!!

styling cropped faux-leather trousers, faux-fur bomber jacket, stiletto booties, MK bag

Do you consider yourself “high maintenance,” dear readers??  Do you feel guilty about personal pampering…or do you believe it’s as integral to your style as choosing what you wear each day??  I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

styling cropped faux-leather trousers with a graphic tank, faux-fur bomber jacket, stiletto booties, flat-top fedora, cat-eye sunglasses




  1. December 19, 2017 / 5:00 am

    Oh no! Not again those amazing shoes! They are Incredible! So beautiful!
    But am I high maintenance? Mmmmm, I don t think so. On the otherhand….well it don t feel like high maintenance!

  2. December 19, 2017 / 11:15 am

    Those pants are hot! They look amazing with those beautiful shoes too.

    It’s funny what people think of as high maintenance. I was thinking of college when my circle of best friends were mostly women who would be considered frumpy in our culture – shunned makeup, took little interest in clothes, wouldn’t pierce their ears, and one wouldn’t even shave her legs (blonde and got away with it easily). They saw me as quite a princess. I think it’s all a matter of perspective. I’m a weight lifter and recreational dancer and actor and an equestrian, so I’m not stranger getting dirty and sweaty and muddy and messy and stinky. You can bet I don’t wear makeup for my favorite leisure activities and generally go without unless it’s for work or a dress-up occasion. I get my hair cut twice a year and don’t dye it even as the grays keep creeping in. (Why? Because I don’t want to bother with MAINTENANCE of hair color or complex cuts) I do have a heck of a lot of hair products to keep the ringlets moisturized and groomed though. Nails? My lopsided fingernails won’t hold a polish for more than a day and I can’t deal with MAINTENANCE of manicures. On the other hand, toenails are always polished in the summer. Also eyebrows and lip stay waxed (I’m Italian – it’s a genetic affliction) and legs are shaved daily in summer (and if I’m on on a swimsuit vacation, hair removal is an art form complete with pre-vacation bikini wax). I love shopping. I have a huge shoe collection. I am meticulous with my skincare routine and I’m no stranger to Sephora for beauty and makeup products.

    I guess in the end it’s about what do you prioritize keeping maintained?

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