Checkmate: yellow plaid pencil skirt and black velvet hoodie with checkered-flag trim

Why do some items in our wardrobe arsenal end up with truly serious staying power…while others fall out of favour after only a season or two??  I’m pretty sure we all have experience with both – those special pieces that we adore and continue to reach for year after year; and those that have us super excited when we first bring them home, only to have our interest fizzle to “meh” after merely a single wear.

yellow plaid pencil skirt, black velvet hoodie with checkered-flag trim, maroon circle cross-body bagWhile I can’t say I have the answer to this closet conundrum, I can tell you that my plaid pencil skirt definitely falls into the former category, dear readers!!  Even though it’s close to 15 years old now, in all that time I’ve never once been tempted to give it away.  Mustard yellow has been on my fashion radar since Day One (even back when it wasn’t as trendy as it’s recently been) and I’ve always been a sucker for unusual finishing details, too…check out that cool yoke and the way the belt loops are set low on the waistline.  Plus it’s plaid – which always makes for major bonus points with me!! 😍

yellow plaid pencil skirt, black velvet hoodie with checkered-flag trim, black tights, and lace-up bootiesyellow plaid pencil skirt, black velvet hoodie with checkered-flag trim, fuchsia hairMy black velvet hoodie, on the other hand, is a much more recent purchase.  If you’re at all close to being a regular visitor here (and of course I hope you are!) then you’ve certainly figured out that I’m not the biggest fan of the “athleisure” look; in fact, I’m kinda convinced that one of the reasons I don’t work out – like, ever! – is because I dislike athletic shoes so much!!  But a cute cropped hoodie with checkered-flag trim down the sleeves??  Don’t mind if I do!!

yellow plaid pencil skirt, black tights, lace-up booties, maroon circle cross-body bagyellow plaid pencil skirt, black velvet hoodie with checkered-flag trim, black tights, and lace-up bootiesRobin and I were on our way to our favourite Indian restaurant for lunch this afternoon; and since channa paneer (chickpeas and cheese in a spicy sauce…yum!) always puts me in danger of overeating, maybe I should reconsider my non-existent exercise routine.  Anyone know of a workout you can do in heels?! 😉yellow plaid pencil skirt, black velvet hoodie with checkered-flag trim, black tights, and lace-up booties



  1. February 5, 2018 / 6:55 am

    You don’t work out and you stay so slim! I’m so envious. I’m not a fan of athleisure either. I think it’s just a marketing ploy to gentrify something meant to be cheap and casual. I don’t wear expensive gear to the gym either. It’s one place I don’t care about how I look. I have a pile of souvenir t-shirts and cheap leggings. I just have to spend a lot of money on sports bras since the girls need tons of support. (I wrote a post about my distaste for athleisure a couple of years ago

    I hold on to clothes for way too long. I fall in love with a piece and wear it a couple of years and end up forgetting about it. Then I rediscover it while shopping my closet and feel obliged to wear it. Sometimes I’m happy about it, and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by having stuff in my closet I don’t wear. I am weird about giving stuff away though. I really have to give myself permission There is stuff I hold on to forever and it’s usually with good reason. I think you are right to hold on to the skirt. It’s fun and classic at the same time. I can see how versatile it would be. It looks like you can fit into just fine despite the Indian food. 😉

  2. Linda B
    February 5, 2018 / 7:11 pm

    Ha—you can dance in heels, right? You dance hard and long enough, you can eat all the channa paneer you want. (Yum!)

    All joking aside, I do like this outfit very much. I love mustard yellow, and if I had that skirt it would be a keeper too. In fact, years ago I bought a mustard yellow skirt that I wore until it literally started to fall apart on me!

  3. Lise
    February 6, 2018 / 5:46 am

    Love this skirt!

  4. February 6, 2018 / 10:11 am

    Fantastic skirt! Makes me think of the early 80s! B52 s and Madness!

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