Flat facts: how to add extra oomph to an outfit

Have you ever wondered about a failsafe way to add extra oomph to an outfit??  Then a hat is definitely where it’s at!!  It’s hard to believe that there once was a time when I wasn’t a fan of headgear – it’s true; you can ask my mom! – because nowadays a cool/fun/interesting hat is probably my number one way of adding a little somethin’ somethin’ to an ensemble that otherwise seems a bit too basic.

Add extra oomph to an outfit with a flat-top fedoraAlthough feeling “basic” actually wasn’t the issue today; I was totally loving my menswear-inspired white shirt, striped blazer, and vegan leather leggings combo even without the addition of my flat-top fedora.  But it was drizzling (welcome to February in Vancouver!) which meant that in order to keep my freshly washed and flat-ironed ‘do staying flat – as opposed to turning into a frizzy fuchsia mess – a hat was non-negotiable.

White shirt, black vegan leather leggings, striped blazer, hidden platform booties, and a flat-top fedoraWhite shirt, striped blazer, Michael Kors bagAnd speaking of “flat”??  I finally got around to wearing my hidden-wedge booties again!!  Maybe it’s just me, but when you own a really amazing collection of heels like I do (teehee) it’s honestly kind of tough to convince yourself to go with flat footwear…even if it’s only every once in a while.  Because – let’s be totally honest here – there’s really no such thing as a “statement” loafer or ballerina shoe!!  Plus, I never feel quite as fearless when I’m wearing flats as I do when I’ve got some extra height going on…which makes these pseudo-flat boots the perfect compromise.

White shirt, black vegan leather leggings, striped blazer, hidden platform booties, and a flat-top fedoraWhite shirt, striped blazer, flat-top fedora, and fuchsia hairSo yeah – with a fab hat and some equally fabulous heels, I think it’s entirely possible to rock a burlap sack and look stylish…not that I have the urge to try, ha ha!!  But what about you, dear readers??  What pieces never fail to have you feeling those “fearless fashionista” vibes??  I always look forward to reading your feedback!!Add extra oomph to an outfit with a flat-top fedoraWhite shirt, black vegan leather leggings, striped blazer, hidden platform booties, and a flat-top fedoraP.S. I wanted to thank you so much for your words of sympathy over the loss of our ferret Fancy last week.  It always takes me a few days to feel “back to normal” after we say goodbye to one of our fur-babies…and I truly appreciate your kindness and patience while you awaited regular programming!!



  1. February 12, 2018 / 7:29 am

    You look gorgeous, as always! I do love a hat but I haven’t worn a proper one for years! (not including woolly hats to keep you warm) I do own a really cool one that’s got a bit of sparkle to it – I really ought to get it out and wear it every once in a while!
    Suzy x

  2. February 12, 2018 / 8:33 am

    I love a cute hat. Adore them. I think they look great on me. My issue with hats is that I have very curly hair. Putting on a hat means I can a raging case of hat head where the top of of my hair gets squished with the curls sticking out beneath the hat line. Granted, if I’m wearing a hat due to foul weather, it’s likely my hair is in a ponytail anyway, so hat head is less of an issue.

    My hair is so thick it takes forever to dry, so in the dead of winter, my hair is always wet when I leave the house. While I don’t share my Italian grandmother’s belief that going out with wet hair is a guarantee I’ll die of pneumonia, it’s not comfortable. Putting a hat on wet hair would cause the worst hat head ever! I now just pile all my hair on top of my head when I’m heading to my train on the way to work in the morning. When I’m not the train, I take off the hat and let my hair dry on the train. The walk from the train station to the office on the other side is short, so I can briefly wear the hat with minimal hair squishing.

  3. Linda B
    February 13, 2018 / 5:07 am

    I have a lovely grey wool fedora I got a few years ago that is perfect for either rainy weather, when we occasionally get it in the SW desert winter (some is coming this week, yay!) or to actually keep the sun out of my eyes when it is cool. The sun is not as strong here in winter as the brutal light of summer, but still enough that if I am out on playground duty I want my face shaded. The hat does mush my wavy/curly hair some, but not too badly.

    As for what makes me feel strong when I leave the house–it is my heeled boots, especially my grey suede chelseas. They have a two inch heel that gives me just enough of a physical and psychological lift, while allowing me to traipse around comfortably all day! However, I don’t mind flats, and do think some are pretty cute, especially the ones with pointy toes.

    Thanks as always for the outfit inspiration! One of these days I may have to get a pair of those leggings. I have been looking at yours for a while now and have come so close to buying some!

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