The Charm: double denim with an oversized faux-fur vest and platform booties

We here in the World Wide Web occasionally poke fun at ourselves for our #bloggerproblems, dear readers; but I have to be honest…sometimes the struggle is truly real!! 😜

chambray shirt, faux-fur vest, leopard-patterned sunglasses

Take this particular afternoon, for example.  Robin and I had planned to go for a little drive out to Chilliwack to enjoy the sunny (but still disappointingly cool) weather, and then do a photoshoot a couple of hours prior to showing up at our friends’ place for dinner and a movie.

double denim with an oversized faux-fur vest and platform booties

chambray shirt, faux-fur vest, stacked rings

After a pitstop at Winners so Robin could stretch his legs – and I could indulge in a bit of shopping, of course! – we cruised along in the direction of home, keeping our eyes open for a nice quiet spot out in the countryside to take pics.  We thought we found it at a crossroads next to a pretty trestle bridge…but the minute we set up our camera and tripod??  The non-existent traffic (seriously, not a single car in sight) changed to a rural rush-hour of pickup trucks and tractors.

chambray shirt, distressed jeans, faux-fur vest, layered necklaces

Rather than continuously dodging vehicles (inconvenient and dangerous) we decided to move on to greener pastures – literally! – and found what we thought was the perfect dead-end gravel pullout with nothing but chirping birds to be heard and a lovely view of a winding creek and budding willows.  Out came the camera setup … Robin proceeded to start snapping away … and I kid you not, within minutes there was the unmistakeable drone of an approaching engine.

double denim with an oversized faux-fur vest and platform booties

chambray shirt, faux-fur vest, leopard-patterned sunglasses

This time it wasn’t a tractor, but some sort of miniature backhoe that was determined to disrupt our photography session.  And it wasn’t just going to pass us by either; that farm-machinery menace pulled over right behind me…and Old McDonald and his wife climbed out to go for a walk!!  To be fair, they did first ask if they were in the way – to which my dear hubby ever so politely replied “of course not!”…but WTF?!

chambray shirt, faux-fur vest, sunglasses, fuchsia hair

We finally managed to get our photos done when we stopped yet again in a proper recreational park; three times is the charm, after all!!  And we were only fifteen minutes late for our dinner date…which we very definitely felt we’d earned that night!! 😁

double denim with an oversized faux-fur vest and platform booties



  1. April 23, 2018 / 9:32 pm

    I love this look. Really prettily casual. Like the long pendants with the length of the vest. Great layering throughout. I take pics in my back garden. I generally don’t have traffic there but I do have a pesky vacuum cleaner that pops up on IG

    • Monika
      April 27, 2018 / 3:24 pm

      Hi Anna!! Thank you very much for stopping by and taking the time to leave a note; it’s always so lovely to hear from my visitors!! My husband and I don’t have a backyard – we live in a condo – and because we are rarely home on the weekends, it’s become routine for us to bring our camera wherever we go and snap outfit pics along the way. So luckily we never need to worry about being photobombed by a vacuum cleaner (teehee!!) 😁

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