Superstar: green plaid flannel shirtdress over a black tunic and star-patterned jeans

Whew!!  It’s Monday and here I am as usual…despite my mentioning last week that I’d no longer be so hard on myself about posting on a strict schedule.  I’ll be honest, though – it was looking a little “touch and go” there for a while!! 😳

green plaid flannel shirtdress, flat-top fedora, fuchsia hair

Robin and I had a day trip planned on Saturday to visit friends at their trailer in the States, and our fingers were tightly crossed that the weather would continue to be as springlike as it had been for the previous few days; for the first time this year, it was actually nice enough to enjoy dinner out on our terrace!!  But Murphy’s Law took over…and we were back to rain and chilly temperatures for the weekend.

green plaid flannel shirtdress over a black tunic and star-patterned jeans

green plaid flannel shirtdress, layered necklaces and rings, fuchsia hair

We brought our camera along for the trip anyways – like we always do! – but between the drive, the visit, and the intermittent downpours, a photo op was just not in the cards that day.  We still managed to have a ton of fun, however!!  My regular readers know that I’m the polar opposite of “outdoorsy”…but barbecued nachos (yep – there’s such a thing!) and catching up around a cozy firepit??  That’s something I can definitely get behind!!

green plaid flannel shirtdress, black tunic, flat-top fedora, fuchsia hair

Our prospects for outfit pics didn’t look promising on Sunday morning, either; rain, rain, and even more rain.  But after a Starbucks run and a browse around Winners, the sky cleared up a bit…et voilà!!  We had our opportunity!!  And I’m super happy it happened, too, ’cause I’d been wanting to show off my starry skinnies again ever since I debuted them a few weeks back. 😉

green plaid flannel shirtdress over a black tunic and star-patterned jeans

green plaid flannel shirtdress, star-patterned jeans, Vince Camuto shoes

Plus – I’ve been really inspired by all the dress-over-denim combos that I’ve seen on Pinterest lately.  Of course I had to put my own spin on the trend…so I doubled up by layering my green plaid flannel shirtdress over a black Aritzia tunic.  An unexpected combo with star-patterned jeans??  I wouldn’t be a “fearless fashionista” if it wasn’t!! 😁

green plaid flannel shirtdress over a black tunic and star-patterned jeans



  1. Linda B
    April 30, 2018 / 6:30 am

    I love these mixed layers and patterns! And so glad you had fun with your friends, and still managed that photo shoot!

    • Monika
      April 30, 2018 / 7:32 pm

      If I was a full-time blogger, I probably would have felt obligated to document the day with a bunch of posts on social media, dearest Linda; but instead we got to live “in the moment”…and we enjoyed every one of them!! 👍 😄

  2. April 30, 2018 / 12:10 pm

    I had a bit of catching up to do. I suppose I should be happy you are posting less since I missed fewer posts while I was away. I missed a bit of horrible east coast weather by escaping, but it’s back to the same stuff. Where is spring? (They say it’s coming later this week, but I won’t get my hopes up). I read your bit in a previous post about not getting partnerships and free stuff. I gave up that my blogs would get that kind of prestige years ago. But I realize that as much as I would love quit my job and blog for money full time, my blogs are for me and I have to take them for what they are – MY corner of the web for MY pleasure and entertainment. If anyone else likes them, that’s just gravy.

    Last year someone gave me a long shirtdress like that and I gave it away because it was the wrong season (the dress was chambary and it was the middle of summer – too hot). Now I wish I held on to it because it would have made a great duster in cooler weather. I would have done exactly what you would have done with this cute plaid number. I like the black tunic too. That would be a cute dress with boots or a pair of heeled sandals. Now let’s keep hoping those lucky star jeans bring some lucky weather!

    • Monika
      April 30, 2018 / 8:06 pm

      I think we’ve ALL given away a piece or three only to regret it later, dearest Rachel!! 😣 But hey – who’s to say you won’t find a new shirtdress to love (and wear!) somewhere down the road, am I right?? And I’m sooo with you when it comes to wishing for spring to FINALLY make a proper appearance!! 🌷🌷🌷

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