Baggage: sheer graphic tank, white cropped jeans and green plaid tunic

Oh boy – there’s truly nothing like arriving home without your suitcase (a suitcase that happens to contain some of your most favourite pieces) to make you assess and reassess the remainder of your wardrobe, dear readers!!

sheer graphic tee, green plaid tunic, fuchsia hair

As you can see, I’m back safe and sound from visiting my parents in Toronto…but unfortunately the same cannot be said of the bag that I checked at YYZ!!  Small surprise really – considering the convoluted mess my return trip ended up being.

sheer graphic tee, white cropped jeans and green plaid tunic

white cropped jeans, green plaid tunic, sherpa cross-body bag

I was scheduled to fly from Toronto to Vancouver via a connecting flight in Ottawa; but a mechanical issue with the aircraft left us sitting on the tarmac at Pearson International for about 45 minutes before it was determined that we needed to switch planes.

green plaid tunic, fuchsia hair, Lucky Brand earring

white cropped jeans, green plaid tunic, sherpa cross-body bag

Now doubtful that I was going to make what initially seemed to be a generous layover, I enquired how to proceed…and was told to head to Ottawa as planned, where a later flight to Vancouver would be arranged for me.  I barely had my feet on the ground in Ottawa when I was paged…and informed that I’d be returning to Toronto (care of the very same plane I’d just arrived on!) and transferred to a Vancouver flight from there!! 😫

Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver, Canada

Needless to say, it ended up being an unexpectedly long day of travel for me…especially after a fruitless half-hour wait at the YVR baggage carousel for that suitcase I mentioned above.  I rarely repeat my outfits, but I’ll be honest – any of my cute (and undocumented!) vacation combos would have been perfect for our photoshoot the following afternoon; no thinking required!!

white cropped jeans, Jones New York sandals

sheer graphic tee, white cropped jeans and green plaid tunic

However, my beloved silver platform booties, crushed velour slip dress, and pearl-embellished denim jacket were all packed in my wayward suitcase…so what could I do but come up with something brand-new for my first post-blogging-break ensemble?!  And since my white cropped jeans and green plaid tunic had been considered then nixed for my Toronto trip, perhaps it’s only fair they got another turn in the outfit spotlight today!! 😉

green plaid tunic, tortoiseshell sunglasses



  1. Linda B
    May 21, 2018 / 6:24 am

    Cute outfit, really–but dang, I hope that suitcase finds its way back to you soon! Please let us know when it does!

    Good to know that you yourself are home safe and sound, regardless.

  2. May 23, 2018 / 10:28 am

    That sounds awful. Sorry you had to go through that. I will never complain again about some of my past bad flying experiences. None of them have been as bad as that.

    I always say it’s better to lose luggage on the way home than it is on the way there. At least you have something to wear when you come home. That’s not the case when you are on vacation. It looks like you managed quite well without the stuff in your suitcase!

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