Summer Rocks: how to style a pretty ruffled yellow skirt with some rock-and-roll edge

Confession, dear readers – while I said there wouldn’t be any new pieces making an appearance around here for the next little while – at least not until my hubby finds a new job! – I once again have exactly that to show you!! 😜

ruffled yellow skirt, skull-motive tee, flat-top fedora, sunglasses

In my defense, however, this midi wrap skirt came home with me before we got the news that Robin had been laid off.  And can you honestly blame me for not wanting to leave it on the rack??  It ticks so many of the right boxes with that ruffled hemline, pretty “ditsy” floral pattern, and that cheery colour…hellooo yellow!!  Pretty much everything of-the-moment for Summer 2018 wrapped up (teehee!) in one package, don’t you agree?!

how to style a pretty ruffled yellow skirt with some rock-and-roll edge

ruffled yellow skirt, skull-motive tee

I’ve heard some online grumbling that this sunniest of hues can be a challenging one to wear; but as is so often the case, I think you just need to find a take on the trend that works for you.  I’m personally loving the combination of a bright yellow and an equally bright pink together, which is a happy coincidence considering the current colour of my hair…although it’s mostly “undercover” today thanks to my wide-brimmed flat-top fedora.  Let me tell you – hats are a non-negotiable when you’re spending the afternoon riding around in a convertible!!

ruffled yellow skirt, skull-motive tee, flat-top fedora, sunglasses

how to style a pretty ruffled yellow skirt with some rock-and-roll edge

So yeah – even though I’m dabbling in a bit of colour, I’m obviously not a girl who’s going to leave her go-to black behind either!!  I purposely went against the grain by styling my über-feminine ruffled yellow skirt with a bunch of tougher pieces to temper all that sweetness.  My cut-out booties will be getting a whole lot of street time now that some genuinely warm weather has finally taken hold in Vancouver.  And this skull-motive tee??  Well, it probably doesn’t get much edgier than that, does it??  Rock on, summer!! 😎

skull-motive tee, flat-top fedora, cat-eye sunglasses



  1. June 18, 2018 / 10:41 am

    That skirt is so pretty. It definitely screams summer. I normally don’t like yellow (or I don’t think it’s generally a flattering color on me) but I have seen so many gorgeous yellow skirts and dresses this season that I’m rethinking it (but like you, I’m watching that budget…). But only you would take it in a new direction and wear that girly country thing with skulls!

    • Monika
      June 18, 2018 / 5:59 pm

      I’ve never put myself into financial “deep water” with my shopping habits, dearest Rachel…but man, it’s tough to stop altogether!! Retail therapy – and Starbucks therapy! – have seen me through many a stressful situation, so I’m doubtful that I’ll be able to stay away from Winners and H&M completely. But I’m doing my best…and I’m sending good luck your way as you search for your own (budget friendly!) piece of yellow perfection!! 😘

  2. Linda B
    June 18, 2018 / 11:48 am

    I adore that skirt! Totally! In fact, I was looking a silk skirt in just those colors on sale (at Madewell, which I have to shop online as my city is too small for one.) I haven’t ordered it–yet. Trying to be good, as I have been adding a few other pieces to my wardrobe lately. . . I personally love yellow, but don’t actually have too much of it in my clothing collection. I think it does pair wonderfully with pink and blue; also with grey, which is more an autumn or winter sort of mood.

    You could also wear that skirt with a chambray shirt, or one of your fab denim jackets, to add a little tougher edge to it. (Obviously I have been thinking about how to style a skirt like this, eh?)

    • Monika
      June 18, 2018 / 6:09 pm

      Oooh yes…my chambray shirt would be a FAB choice to go with this yellow skirt, dearest Linda!! And I maybe possibly might have bought a blue camisole in a contrasting pattern that works really well with it, too…just sayin”!! 😜 Now you’ve got me curious about the skirt you spotted at Madewell, though; I’ll have to check it out!! XOXO

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