Starstruck: how to style star-spangled skinnies and silver platform boots for a day on the road

I’d planned to go in a completely different direction with my outfit for this afternoon, dear readers; but what I thought I wanted to wear ended up not feeling right…so my star-spangled skinnies and silver platform boots stepped in to save the day!!  😉

chambray shirt, faux-fur vest, star-spangled skinnies, baker boy cap, sunglasses

The jeans have actually been getting a whole lot of wear in the last little while; Robin and I have enjoyed – in the middle of the week, no less! – several spontaneous sunset Solstice cruises recently…and they were what I swapped out my work outfit for.  I can’t be the only one who needs to “dress up” for a drive, can I??  Impromptu or not – I’m certainly not going to wear scrubs for an evening out; even if that evening involves nothing more than our local Starbucks drive-through and hitting the highway for an hour or two under the stars.  (See??  These denims were the obvious choice!!)  🤩

chambray shirt, faux-fur vest, star-spangled skinnies and silver platform boots

star-spangled skinnies and silver platform boots

This time we were out-and-about for the afternoon rather than the evening…but as I mentioned above, my patterned skinnies were once again pinging my “wear me” radar.  I’d already done a different top for each of our night-time excursions – I hate repeating any outfit exactly – and today I opted for my super-soft chambray shirt, cropped faux-fur vest, and denim baker-boy cap.  (That vest, by the way, is getting a lot of street time right now, too; it feels so fresh ever since I had it restyled from its original hip-hitting length to this shortened version.)

chambray shirt, faux-fur vest, star-spangled skinnies and silver platform boots

chambray shirt, faux-fur vest, baker boy cap, sunglasses

And what can I say about those disco booties of mine…except that I pretty much love them with everything?!  I’ll wear boots in summer just as willingly as I do during the winter; and the fact that these are silver rather than black makes them feel perfectly appropriate even as the weather warms up.  You’re bound to see them again very soon!!



  1. June 4, 2018 / 12:15 pm

    Your post recalls conversations I often have with my husband.

    “Why are you dressed like that? You’re only going to X?”

    “Because I want to feel pretty.”


    “Because I like this outfit and want to wear it.”

  2. Linda B
    June 4, 2018 / 6:52 pm

    I do love those Starstruck jeans! You rock the whole ensemble of course.

    Coincidentally, I am trying to finish up a new summer bag that I’ve been working on crocheting the past three weeks or so—and though there are no stars in this raffia bag, the pattern is named “Starstruck!” Ha ha. Maybe the idea is that one wears it out into the night, as slowly the twilight fades and the stars come me out??? Seems more like a beach-mood though to me.

    I wish it could wear boots here in summer. The high today was something like 106 F. Way too toasty for boots of any kind. At least I can get vicarious satisfaction from seeing you at n those silver boots!!!!

  3. Lise
    June 5, 2018 / 1:27 am

    I like the vest cropped, more flattering I think. Lise

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