Team Spirit: printed pants, embellished denim jacket, and straw fedora

If you happen to be a personal style blogger – which means you are generally the one doing the modelling –  and are fortunate enough to also have a husband/boyfriend/significant other, the roll of “photographer” will very likely fall on him (or her) by default…and that was certainly the case for Robin and me!!

printed pants, embellished denim jacket, and straw fedora

When I first asked my hubby if he would “pretty please snap a few quick pics” of me in my OOTD whenever we were out-and-about each weekend, I’m sure Robin never dreamed he’d still be doing it almost five years later…and with a full-on DSLR camera and tripod setup, no less.  (If you’ve been with me since way back then, you’ll remember that I – rather naively! – started this whole blogging journey with nothing more than my little ol’ iPad)!!

printed pants, embellished denim jacket, and straw fedora

printed pants, embellished denim jacket, and woven tote

And let’s be frank.  I know there are times when he would really rather not be cramming that aforementioned equipment into the virtually non-existent trunk of our Solstice convertible…and then hunting for the “perfect” combination of favourable lighting and interesting backdrop to highlight my outfit adventures.  But there are other times when he’s actually more enthusiastic about the whole process than I am!!

Fraser River, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

printed pants, embellished denim jacket, straw fedora, sunglasses, woven tote

embellished denim jacket, straw fedora, fuchsia hair

Like today, for example…when these dramatic clouds had him excited about giving the lovely view its due.  I, on the other hand, was infinitely more excited about showing off my printed pants, embellished denim jacket, and straw fedora ensemble.  While the pants haven’t appeared here in ages, that jacket has been showing up quite regularly lately; thanks in part to the fact that our Vancouver weather is still staying stubbornly cool.

printed pants, embellished denim jacket, straw fedora, woven tote

My two-tone fedora – ohmygosh, there are tiny silver stars on the hatband! – and those funky purple sunglasses, however, are brand new.  Oops!!  Apparently I’m not doing so well with the no-shopping-until-Robin-finds-a-job thing…but I can always try again tomorrow, right?! 😉

embellished denim jacket, straw fedora, sunglasses, fuchsia hair



  1. June 15, 2018 / 4:50 am

    Ha ha, yes you can! I told myself to nog buy a thing for a few weeks. And here I find myself searching the net for the perfect beige skirt! Oh sigh, it s an addictive, what can we do…. Happy weekend love!

  2. June 15, 2018 / 8:02 am

    I have tried to put a spending limit on myself as well. I need to pay off my current credit card and hopefully save for a new car next year. Funny enough, I keep a discretionary budget, but so much of it goes to clothes while other supposedly more important stuff goes to the wayside. It’s shoes I need right now. I get paid today and I’m thinking I can budget for a trip to DSW…

    You’re lucky to have a husband willing to do your photos for you. My husband is a photo buff with a fancy DSLR, a tripod, and fancy lenses. Unfortunately, his issue is time. We don’t have hours to go out and find nice backdrops to take outfit photos. Maybe I just have to take my nice clothes to the stable with me on weekends and risk getting mud and manure all over them! 😀 I would love to incorporate style into my blogs. There is a serious lack of style bloggers with my body type and someone needs to represent people who look like me.

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