Busting out: button-front denim bustier with a floral wrap skirt

Some of you will likely doubt the advisability of wearing denim on a smokin’ hot summer day.  But if it’s an adorable button-front denim bustier…I certainly don’t mind if do!! 😉

button-front denim bustier, floral wrap skirt, straw fedora

I was ridiculously excited to finally have the chance to debut this strapless little number (another fab find from Forever 21!) after it had been languishing unworn in my closet for a solid two months post-purchase.  Strapless is pointless – at least in my humble opinion – if you can’t show it off in all its bare-shouldered glory; but only in the last couple of weeks has our Vancouver weather been cooperative when comes to wearing an outfit with nary a layer required for warmth.

button-front denim bustier with a floral wrap skirt, platform mules, and a straw fedora

floral wrap skirt, quilted mini-bag

On the other hand, I’m not going to say I’d never wear it layered!!  More and more, it’s a piece’s potential versatility that plays the biggest role (right after that initial “oh-my-gosh-I-love it!”) in my decision to bring something home when I’ve been on one of my shopping jaunts.  I can totally see this bustier together with my pearl-embellished jean jacket for a “double denim” look.  Or how about layered over a snug tee…or even a turtleneck??  (Not that I’m currently giving autumn-appropriate outfits any kind of serious consideration; puh-lease!!)

button-front denim bustier, straw fedora

ruffled floral wrap skirt, platform mules, quilted mini-bag

So for now can we just focus on how well that corset-inspired silhouette and denim fabric work with my seriously summery wrap skirt??  I’m all about the contrast of a structured top against the softness of those cute floral-patterned ruffles; plus light blue and sunny yellow are a match made in complementary colour heaven, don’t you think??  You might recall seeing the skirt here once before not all at long ago…but I’m confident I managed to give it an entirely different spin with today’s cute combination!!

button-front denim bustier with a floral wrap skirt, platform mules, and a straw fedora

I’m keeping my fingers tightly crossed that our current heat wave sticks around for a while longer, dear readers; after all, it’s exactly this kind of outfit that a “sun bunny’s” sartorial dreams are made of!!  😎

button-front denim bustier with a floral wrap skirt, platform mules, and a straw fedora



  1. Linda B
    July 19, 2018 / 11:43 am

    Fantastic to see you enjoying your summer heat in this fun outfit. I do love ensembles that balance contrasts: light/dark, hard/soft, masculine/feminine elements. Seeing this is a bright spot in my work day, as I cheat during my brief lunch break to peek at your post!

  2. July 20, 2018 / 10:40 pm

    I love your denim corset! Cool! Enjoy your weekend! And I hope to see you on my Fancy Friday linkup party!

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