Wave running: camo shirt, furry vest, grey skinny jeans, western-inspired booties

It happened, dear readers!!  Our long-planned, repeatedly postponed, revised-at-the-last-moment-because-of-budget-constraints trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon finally happened!!  And we truly couldn’t have had a more amazing time; it was exactly the getaway we needed to help us put our “woes” – aka Robin’s job loss – into perspective…and to remind us of all the “good stuff” we still do have to be grateful for.

furry vest, flat-top fedora

So with a trusted friend in place to watch the fur-babies while we were away, we crammed our overnight bags into the trunk of the Solstice, put the top down, and hit the much-anticipated open road!!  Actually, “open” is kind of a generous description…considering that freeway traffic was pretty much stop-and-go from Seattle all the way to Olympia.  But with a few Starbucks pitstops along the way to stretch and refresh, we arrived at our hotel in Astoria with plenty of time to enjoy a delectable dinner out before catching some sleep…’cause the beach was on our agenda for the following morning!!

camo shirt, furry vest, grey skinny jeans, western-inspired booties, flat-top fedora

camo shirt, furry vest, grey skinny jeans, western-inspired booties, flat-top fedora

Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA

And my oh my – what a magnificent beach it is!!  That 235 foot tall monolith rising from the shoreline is Haystack Rock, and it’s synonymous with Cannon Beach…for obvious reasons.  You can walk right up to it when the tide is low, but Robin and I didn’t get that close; rogue waves are always possible, and the Pacific Ocean is absolutely frigid even in July.  We actually were caught unaware by one small wave while we were focussed on taking photos, and got splashed up to our ankles in icy water.  Brrr!!

grey skinny jeans, western-inspired booties

camo shirt, furry vest, grey skinny jeans, western-inspired booties, flat-top fedora

camo shirt, furry vest, grey skinny jeans, flat-top fedora

My grey skinny jeans and western-inspired booties survived the salt-water onslaught, though…which was a lucky thing considering that I hadn’t packed any other options!!  For the first time ever, this self-confessed “wardrobe maximalist” kept her travel outfits to a very bare minimum; I think I brought along fewer pieces than my hubby!!  But I did allow myself a switch-up between my flat-top fedora and my baker boy cap; after all, no diehard fashionista should be expected to survive an excursion without at least a little choice, am I right?! 😉

camo shirt, furry vest, grey skinny jeans, western-inspired booties, flat-top fedora

camo shirt, furry vest, flat-top fedora



  1. July 12, 2018 / 12:43 pm

    When you said “wave running” I was expecting you to be on an actual Wave Runner out there. Not an activity I’d be into if the water is freezing cold.

    It made me smile to see you wearing heels and dressed to the nines (as only you can) amid those barefoot and beachwear-clad people around you.

    I leave for my own vacay in 10 days. Think I will be able to keep it to a minimum? Did you properly inspire me? I often joke the only things I need to pack are sunscreen and bug spray and the rest is optional, yet somehow I always take my gigantic suitcase.

  2. Linda B
    July 12, 2018 / 12:45 pm

    It looks like you had a fabulous time on your trip, and I am so very glad. When I go to the beach in Oregon I am always freezing even when it’s summer (and hot inland.) I’ve learned to dress in layers like you did.

    I am on the road myself now—in fact this is day 13 of what will be 15 day cross country road trip with my dear husband. We have visited friends and family all the way from Arizona to Minnesota and back… just crossed into Colorado where we’ll arrive at my brother in law’s house for a late dinner in about 3 or 4 more hours. My goodness this continent is big and beautiful! I have to confess that I didn’t pack minimally. Too many different kinds of environments for these few weeks, everything from rural to big cities to wilderness. Plus I needed gear for hiking and cycling (we brought bikes with us.) I will have worn most of what I brought! It’s been a fabulous trip.

    May the peace and joy and perspective you two gained on your trip continue through sustain you!

  3. July 13, 2018 / 1:45 am

    What a lovely peaceful beach, you captured the mood with your shots perfectly. Nice to see your blog, please do stop by and join my #chicandstylish #linkup every Thursday. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  4. July 13, 2018 / 5:11 am

    At the beach is my favorite place. Preferably in the UK. Isn’t the sound of the water and the seagulls just the best? I’m glad you had a good time. Happy weekend!

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