Voilà, dear readers!!  Another blog post…and another denim piece that I picked up from Lucky Brand’s awesome end-of-season sale!! I’ve mentioned over and over again that I’m really not much into the whole high-waisted trend… View Post

BloIt finally happened, dear readers…I heard and heeded the irresistible call of the overall!! 😁 This one-piece-wonder was part of the haul I recently brought home from our friendly neighbourhood Lucky Brand outlet store; and… View Post

Would it surprise you at all to know that I’d originally had a black tank top in mind when I planned this look of the day, dear readers??  Considering my affinity for wearing black –… View Post

So last week, when I was invited by the Fab 40’s collective to take part in their “denim cut-offs” styling challenge, I opted to go with a cut-off skirt instead of shorts because – honestly?… View Post

This is it, dear readers!!  This is the dress that inspired me to start my blogging journey a handful of years ago (I can’t believe I’ll be celebrating my fifth blogiversary next month!) back when… View Post