My story

I once read somewhere that the majority of us believe we looked our very best when we were in our twenties…and we tend to hang on to that hairstyle and hair colour, that way of applying our makeup, and that favourite style of jeans for years – even decades – afterwards in an effort to keep those “good feels” going.

This little corner of the blogosphere is dedicated to women who are convinced that our twenties are merely a starting-point for a lifelong sartorial adventure…and that regularly updating our personal style ensures every milestone decade we attain will be our best looking yet.

I’m a hardcore shopper and fashion fan who wears a uniform for my job at a veterinary clinic, but who’s all about “dressing up” for my off-time.  Eclectic, edgy, everyday ensembles are my game; I wear what I want – while keeping an eye on current trends – and I’m so excited to be sharing my outfit inspiration with an online community of style-obsessed women who refuse to fall behind when it comes to looking and feeling our most confident, attractive selves!!