I’m not gonna lie, dear readers – focussing on my blog is really rather tough right now…thanks to all the stress and worry my hubby and I have been feeling ever since he was notified… View Post

Remember not so long ago when people actually believed that red and pink didn’t “go” together??  Of course it might yet be considered a faux pas in some (ehem) less fashion-forward circles…but that’s not certainly… View Post

Confession, dear readers – while I said there wouldn’t be any new pieces making an appearance around here for the next little while – at least not until my hubby finds a new job! –… View Post

If you happen to be a personal style blogger – which means you are generally the one doing the modelling –  and are fortunate enough to also have a husband/boyfriend/significant other, the roll of “photographer” will very… View Post

We’ve all had that somewhat disheartening feeling before, I’m sure – that life is nothing but an endless obstacle course with hurdles continuously popping up along the way to challenge our contentment and peace of… View Post